Crew Biography For Uvar, Thelek

Full Name: Thelek Uvar
Current Rank Admiral
Position(s) held Commanding Officer
Species Andorian
Gender Male
Age 40
Height 1.82
Weight 76
Appearance Photobucket

Tall, slender athletic, blue skin, white hair
Personality Thelek, as with most Andorians, is very family oriented. The good of the
clan always must come before the good of the individual. This philosophy is
carried over to include friends and collegues. Thelek prefers to be
addressed by his given name (Thelek) and not his family name (Uvar). This
Andorian custom is similar to one in Bajoran society. Thelek was born and
raised on the Th'allt colony. Despite the harsh envirnment family life was
good, filed with love and understanding for eachother
Background He attended the andorian college and succeeded to gain his diploma in 3 years instead of 4. After this
Thelek took a year off to help his family with the mining business. AFter this he went to the University at the age of
18 he enrolled in the SF academy.

SD: 57347: Graduated SF Academy SD: 57512: Reported for Holodeck Training at
the SF Training Center SD: 57603: Graduated SF Training Center Holodeck
Training SD: 57605: Assigned as Flight Control Officer aboard the newly
commissioned USS Phoenix. Under the command of Captain Daila Mar. SD: 57909:
Promoted to Lieutenant SD: 57017: Reassigned as FCO aboard the USS Katana,
under the command of Captain Robert O'Donnell. SD: 57911: Promoted to full
Lieutenant. SD: 58125: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, as well as OPS/2O,
of the Katana SD: 58130: Given a battlefield promotion to full Commander and
appointed as temporary CO of the USS KATANA

Thelek is a very calm individual, but he can be easily rattled by those who
tend to ramble on during the course of a conversation. Thelek has a serious
dislike for Tellarites. Although he will not speak of it openly. He also
does not take kindly to insults of his clan. To insult an Andorians clan is
to insult him and his entire race.Thelek can be found on the holodeck during
his off duty time. A friend has recently sent him a holodeck simulation of
Yosemite National Park on Earth. After graduating from the academy, he went
camping there before his assignment to the Cocoon Fleet. During that time,
he fell in love with this breathtaking location.

Thelek was born and raised on the Th'allt colony. His family is a member of
the Andorian Clan of Miners. At a young age he joined his father in the
rodnium mines in the asteroid field near Th'allt. He worked with his father
for several years as a supply coordinator for the mining colony. When
became 19 years old the Uvar family was granted mining rights to the entire
belt by the Andorian Clan of Miners. His father became very wealthy as he
took over the entire operation. Soon after, the claim was disputed by the
Rotog mining consortium (a Tellarite controlled organization). Thelek's
father would not even acknowledge that there was such a dispute. It wasn't
until several 'accidents' took place in the mines that Thoran agreed to
allow a Maqui mediator to intervene. After a full investigation the official
sided with the Rotog consortium. Although it was never proven, Thelek
suspected that the official was bribed by the Tellarites. After loosing that
decision Thelek's father was stripped of all wealth an titles. He returned
home to Andor, a poor and broken man. Following that, Thelek applied to SF
Academy, hoping to make a better life for his family and to possibly right
the injustice that was done to his father.

Special notes.:
Extremely hot climates can cause Thelek to loose his temper and or act
irrationally. This is a by-product of the cooler than normal Andorian
climate. Andorian Cobalt Meditation Crystal. This is an Andorian spiritual
device that helps the user attain a serene state for the purposes of
meditation. .
Thelek's antennae provide him with sonar-like detection abilities. As a
result it is very difficult to sneak up on him from behind. This works the
same in reverse. Anyone that he is tracking will find it very hard to elude
him. Andorians are physically stronger than most humanoid races except
Vulcans. Thelek can also be considered to have an 'excellent' pilots rating
for most standard shuttles.
Member Since 7 October 2005
Crew's choice- Awarded on Nov 13 2005 
 Reason: given back in 2004  Time merit- Awarded on Jan 8 2007 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award  Crew's choice- Awarded on Apr 30 2006 
Service citation- Awarded on Apr 30 2006 
 Reason:   Time merit- Awarded on Apr 30 2006 
 Reason:   4 Year Mark- Awarded on Jun 1 2007