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Started: 19 Mar 2011

Previous Missions
Mission Name Synopsis Started Ended
M25 Imbalance After having spend some time on the MS Celeste the crew is now rested and happy to go to a real starbase, unfortunately they will not arrive there as new orders have been submitted to the CO.
The London is ordered to the Latvona system and investigate the actions of a group of raiders. Rumors say that an old London crewmember is leading those raiders. Is this true?? Will the London and its crew find out the truth? Join us and find out.
31 Jul 2010 19 Mar 2011
M24: Ghostship After successfully aiding the relocation of the Falerion people the USS London and its crew are on their way home. The journey progresses quietly and basically uneventful untill long range scanners pick up the forming of a spacial anomaly.
From out of nowhere an oldfashioned oceanliner appears carrying the name MS Marie Celeste.
28 Feb 2010 31 Jul 2010
M23: Space Dwellers With the crew boarding the new sovereing class ship, power is shifting in the universe.
Unknown to all strange powers are shifting their plans. A strange ship is cruising through space, no-one seems to be on board, no lifesigns are detected and yet...

Interested what it is and what will happen? JOIN NOW.
1 Nov 2009 28 Feb 2010
M22: Orb of Souls
After having defeated Kabar and his goons, the USS London travels back to its home base at Starbase 182. They have mourned the loss of Lt Sean Malloney and celebrated the return of the XO Thomas O'Ryan.

Every crewmember is looking forward for their much deserved R&R. Finally they can meet up with friends, family and do the necessary shopping. The stack of LOA's has been coming into Theleks office on a most regular basis.

However, unknown to the crew, changes are at hand. The Admiral's first officer O'Ryan has requested to resign his command, he thinks he can do more and better work as Intell officer. As his successor Thelek has requested the return of Commander Steiner who gracefully accepted.

Although the London's chief engineer has managed to keep the ship in one piece, according to her own words. "The old girl still has some sparks in her" she can not guarantee that the London will last the next mission. So Thelek Uvar, has made a trip to Obsidian Command and requested a new ship. Hopefully the brass will approve it and allow the Andorian CO to travel back with a new ship, SOVEREIGN CLASS.

27 Sep 2009 1 Nov 2009
M21: Mas Oscura Prior to their new mission the crew of the USS London enjoyes dome R& R on Starbase 182. However, even there no peace was given to them. Their old nemisis Kabar showed his ugly face again. Kabar has literally kidnapped the three main Kriosian players of the royal bloodline.. He is using their bodily chemicals to produce an army of cardassians that will first take over Krios… and then after some time.. take over Cardassia and spread across the galaxy.

His secret base is an asteroid in the badlands which he has turned into a starship of sorts… He will then use said base to go to Krios after slingshotting it around a nearby star.

Riosa Lor is coerced into helping them and Seara is playing both sides of the fence to ensure her family’s safety as well as seek revenge on Thelek and Malloney for abandoning her.

While the USS London is in hot pursuit of the kidnappers, unknown to them the USS Tenebrae is researching the Mas Oscura Nebula. This dark matter cloud would be, according to Doctor Cynthia Winters a famous scientist with respect to dark matter, be an alternate source of energy.
However, it has been more then 2 months since the USS Tenebrae sent in their last report and Starfleet HQ has requested the USS London to investigate. This time only time will tell if the ship and its crew will be on time to save their crewmates and the crew of the Tenebrae.

1 Apr 2009 27 Sep 2009