Today is:  Stardate  Earthdate Sim Year 2384

USS LONDON NCC 24304-A (Sovereign class)

Being the flagship of Taskgroup TF21 the USS London and its crew are exploring deepspace. Dedicated to Federation principles they seek out new lifeforms and meet new civilizations. Far from home, they had to be able to think creatively and act decisively. Are you willing to meet the challenge and do you have what it takes to help the CO to meet his goal? Do you want to do this with style? Then welcome to the USS London, join this ship and its crew on crucial missions on short notice, with or without explicit instructions from their superiors.

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Please direct any questions to VAdm. Thelek Uvar

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Started: 19 Mar 2011

Admiral Thelek Uvar
Lieutenant Commander Barlo Solo
Commander Thomas ORyan
Lieutenant Samuel Aubrey
Lieutenant Aeryn Colan
Lieutenant Commander John McIntyre
Lieutenant Diana Leonidas
Ensign Anise Denevre (RNPC)
Lieutenant Teenah Spart /Tock
Lieutenant Bayushi Kachiko
Lieutenant Marius Arrilius
Lieutenant Commander Aiyanaara
Lieutenant (JG) Asharan Frayor (RNPC)
Captain Ryder MacCloud
Lieutenant (JG) Tom Ridgeway (RNPC)
Lieutenant Lorelei Denton
Lieutenant (JG) Agata Kalmar
Commander Alana Dirays
Major Shawna Sorenson
2nd Lieutenant Daniel (Danny) Walker
Ensign M'Erise
Ensign Jaylas Houck