Crew Biography For Solo, Barlo

Full Name: Barlo Solo
Current Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position(s) held Chief Operations Officer
Second executive officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 37
Height 5' 11
Weight 185
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Barlo is a rather attractive man who sports a thick mustache. He is a little on the stocky side and his eyes always seem to be looking for something.
Personality He is very easy going and quick to laugh. He is a dealoyal and faithful friend to those he allows close to him. His face seems to hide a number of secrets.
Background Barlo was born January 1, 2243 on Andor to Ambassador Frank William Marshal and Sondra Janeel Marshal. His Birth name was Frank Jr. At age 8 he became friends with a girl his age who's father was a merchant captain. Mr. Ian Johansson became the father he wished he had. He talked his mother into allowing him to join Mr. J, as he called him, on many of his deliveries. He learned to activate and operate many of the ships systems. By the time he was 14, he was studying aspects of astrogation, and propulsion systems. But he really excelled at computer operations and programing. Just before his 15th birthday, Mr. J's ship disappeared, and Frank Jr. ran away from home and joined another merchant vessel, "The North Star". He signed on as a yeomen, taking the name Barlo Solo, but the experience he had received allowed him to proceed up to operate ships systems navigating and piloting the ship... After two years the captain informed him his talents were better served in Star Fleet, as Barlo was impatient with the slow warp abilities of the merchant ship. At 16, with a recommendation from Captain Rattan, Barlo tested into the Academy. He excelled in helm and navigation classes and tested out after only two years. He then decided to study engineering.
After graduation, he was assigned to the USS Lexington where he served for 3 years as a helm officer. He transferred to the USS Excalibur where he served for 3 more years as chief helm officer. He was injured while serving on board the Excalibur and received reassignment to Star Fleet command. While at San Francisco, he received orders to report to Star Fleet Intelligence command. He loved the idea of gathering information and providing it to the commanders who trusted him with his position. He was promoted to Lt. Commander and assigned to the USS Exeter as an intelligence operative to report on the viability of the new "hyper warp" system that was installed on the Exeter. He served for 2 full 5 year missions. While there, he met and fell in love with a young doctor named Aliera Cassell. He had done such a good job of providing reports on the missions of Exeter and the performance of the warp, weapons and sensor systems that Intel decided to promote him and assign him to the next great project,the Farstar project. He was assisting Captain O'Ryan in shutting down the transporter when the accident happened. Solo was rescued along with O'Ryan. Although Barlo misses the love of his life, he looks forward to the adventures that are before him.
Member Since 15 May 2007
Time merit- Awarded on May 9 2008 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award  4 Year Mark- Awarded on Jun 1 2007