Crew Biography For ORyan, Thomas Charles

Full Name: Thomas Charles ORyan
Current Rank Commander
Position(s) held Chief Intelligence Officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 38
Height 5'8
Weight 160lbs
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His eyes change color with his mood, ranging from deep blue when sad to steel grey when angered to vibrant green when mischievous. There is also a small acid burn on the inside of his right index finger.

In overall appearance, he is on the handsome side (though not stunning in appearance by any means), slender limbs which can exhibit a wiry strength when needed, and a barrel chest. His glance takes in everything around him, his intelligence showing clearly through the intense gaze
Personality Thomas conceals his sharp intellect behind a carefully assumed air of inanity (one which Spock tried without success to remove). He frequently makes non-sequitor or nonsensical comments to put people at their ease. When under stress, he is also known to cover that by punning outrageously.

Either because of his base personality or his experiences, he is a peculiar blend of a Sherlock Holmes, an explorer in the mold of Lewis & Clark, a scientist, and an adventurer. He will sometimes perform an experiment for two reasons: two see what happens, and because it might be fun.
Background Thomas Charles O'Ryan was born 19 April 2244 on the Deneva
colony to Starfleet Commodore Thomas Bright O'Ryan and Dr. Margaret
O'Ryan. His father was a distinguished Starfleet officer, graduating
the Academy in the same class as Robert April and serving over a young
Christopher Pike. Dr. O'Ryan, though not in Starfleet, was a noted
biochemist. Young Thomas displayed a very precocious intellect,
demonstrating advanced skills in deductive logic at a surprisingly early
age; by the age of 10, spherical trigonometry was a toy for him. His
mother managed to obtain permission for him to be schooled on Vulcan,
hoping that he would then enter the Vulcan Science Academy. Instead, he
chose to follow the O'Ryan family tradition and enter Starfleet. He
passed the entrance exams early, entering the Academy at age 17. He
attended Navigation Branch School, but also excelled in studies in the
Security Division as well as many science classes. He graduated as the
ledictorian of the class of 2265, and was assigned to the USS Lexington
as Navigator. He was not on board the Lexington for even a year before
was transferred to USS Enterprise at the request of James Kirk, an old
student at the Academy of Commodore O'Ryan.

On board the Enterprise, Thomas soon established a niche for
himself, befriending many of the younger officers. Uhura and Sulu,
especially, took pleasure in teasing him in calling him by the
nickname "Sherlock," a tribute to his deductive skills. His reputation
took firm root following his solution of the murder of the Andorian
Ambassador, a patriarch of keth Uvar. In time,
he developed a reputation for being a kind of modern day detective,
frequently compared to Science Officer Spock in terms of reasoning
powers. He was known to be one of the few officers who could hold
his ground against Spock in debates and in three-dimensional chess.
Of his closest ties, he naturally developed one with an officer
junior to him in the Navigation Department, Pavel Chekov. Because
of their close affiliation, Chekov suddenly received a nickname of
"Watson," and eventually the two friends shared quarters like the
famous fictional friends of the 19th century.

By the end of the 5-year mission, Thomas was a full Lieutenant
it was planned that he should oversee astrogational system refits
to be the Enterprise's next Chief Navigator. To enhance his skills
to the utmost, he took advantage of the extra time to pursue some
studies at the Academy, spending 4 months on Vulcan at the Vulcan
Science Academy as a transfer student. Over the 18 months of
Enterprise's refit, he took advanced courses in Astrophysics,
Stellar Cartography, Warp Field Dynamics, as well as basic studies
in cryptography and transporter theory. By the end of 2271, he had
achieved his promotion to Lieutenant Commander. He served with
distinction during the V'Ger incident of 2272, earning a
recommendation from Admiral Kirk to be promoted to Captain.
Starfleet, while sharing Kirk's views of the young man\'s
worthiness for promotion did not agree with a two-step increase,
and so promoted him to Commander. By 2280, he joined his former CO
as an Instructor
of Navigation at Star Fleet Academy. While there, he became involved
the early computer simulations for Project Transwarp Drive. He was
assigned to the Farstar Project, an early prototype of the experimental
USS Excelsior. Upon completion of the Farstar, he was to be assigned to
her as Captain of Navigation. The CO of the Farstar, however, was an
classmate of Kirk's. Jealous of the success enjoyed by the maverick
Kirk, he strenuously opposed O'Ryan's promotion, and so his new
assignment was in his former grade. In February of 2282, Farstar was
prepared to launch on her maiden voyage. Admiral Kirk came out himself
say good-bye to his former officer and protegee (though that last title
was sometimes in a friendly dispute between Kirk and Spock). O'Ryan
was relieved to discover that the Helm officer was another friend of
his, Barlo Solo, a comrade on several wild adventures he had had when
on loan to Starfleet Intelligence Command. Unknown to all except
O'Ryan, Solo was actually a Captain in SFIC, operating under the cover
rank of Commander. No sooner
had Farstar engaged the new system than things began to go wrong. The
transporter system began to overheat. Thomas ran down to Engineering to
assist in locking things down. He was working feverishly when the
coolant systems ruptured and found himself frozen in time and space.
He awoke 98 years later by a small research vessel. Brought up to date,
he has accepted a voluntary grade reduction while he relearns the new
duty stations.

He was assigned to the USS London as Chief of Operations, taking a
voluntary grade reduction to Lt. (jg) as he learned the new systems,
administrative structure, and technologies. His commanding officer,
Thelek Uvar, noticed his scientific aptitude, and in need of a Chief
Science Officer transferred Thomas to that position. O'Ryan's delight
knew no bounds when he discovered that his replacement in Operations
was his old friend, Barlo Solo. They still are trying to piece
together what had happened to either delay Barlo's retrieval by 2
years--or what had happened to him in that time. In the meantime,
O'Ryan had discovered new odd relationships on board the London. His
romantic interest, then-Chief Diplomat Aliera D'Matto, turned out to be
Solo's great-granddaughter, and one of O'Ryan's scientists, Michael
Wellesley, was his great-great-grandnephew. While Chief Science
Officer, he was able to use the facilities to study and experiment with
a newfound ability, the result of the Farstar accident. He had always
scored high in ESPer tests, and Spock had tried without success to
unlock his latent telepathic abilities. The accident, it appeared, had
triggered them with startling results. He has identified an ability to
generate illusions, and his ability to block other telepaths is
startlingly strong. The full extent of his abilities has not been
tested to date. He experienced a similar meteoric rise over his first
4 years of service on the London, attaining the rank of Commander. It
was at this point that Uvar persuaded him to take on the
responsibilities of Executive Officer--with a promotion to Captain.
O'Ryan had long known that he was not really command material, and
reluctantly accepted the position.

For the past 4 years, however, he had been investigating a matter in
behalf of the London's first XO, Ephraim Delacroix. Last year, matters
came to a head, and it became necessary for the safety of the ship that
he depart until the criminal he had been investigating was apprehended
by the authorities. Events escalated beyond O'Ryan's control, and a
personal confrontation ensued. Preliminary investigations by Starfleet
Intelligence indicated that both the criminal, Baron Duvar, and O'Ryan
had mutually perished in the encounter. O'Ryan had, however, survived,
and Duvar's right hand had witnessed it. O'Ryan contacted Uvar
covertly, and both agreed that his greatest chance for safety lay in
both remaining in disguise and returning to the London. He was
saddened to discover that Aliera had been unable to cope with her
supposed loss, and had left Starfleet to join her adoptive brother in
the Klingon Empire. Even Uvar was startled to discover that the Bolian
scientist Brekk Mott was his XO when O'Ryan at least was able to cast
aside his disguise. Events in that year had taken their toll, however,
and Starfleet had assigned a permanent replacement for the London.
O'Ryan was internally relieved, though concerned that he might have
disappointed Uvar in some way. However, his replacement as XO was an
old shipmate, Kyle Steiner, and it was with a certain joy that he
formally ejected the XO pro tem and turned the position formally over
to Steiner. Admiral Uvar, wishing to keep O'Ryan on his ship, offered
the detective with a new challenge: Chief of Intel. Starfleet
Intelligence had tried several times unsuccessfully to recruit him in
the 23rd century; however, with the restructuring of the Fleet,
O'Ryan's previous objection, of being removed from opportunities to
explore the galaxy, were removed, and he cheerfully accepted the post.
He has also, for the sake of the chain of command, accepted a one step
grade reduction back to Commander until Steiner's seniority as a
Captain exceeds his own.
Member Since 11 October 2005
Service citation- Awarded on Nov 20 2005 
 Reason: For being on the ship for 6 months  Time merit- Awarded on Jan 8 2007 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award  Time merit- Awarded on Apr 30 2006 
Captains personal merit- Awarded on Apr 30 2006 
 Reason: for sticking with me  4 Year Mark- Awarded on Jun 1 2007