Crew Biography For , Aiyanaara

Full Name: Aiyanaara
Current Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position(s) held Intelligence officer
Species Kriosian
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'9
Weight 120lbs
Appearance Photobucket

Personality Appearance:

Aiyana’Ara has wavy brownish blonde hair that she prefers to keep long and flowing. For normal duty as well as formal functions.. she will tie it back into a long pony-tail that will reach down to the small of her back. She has skin pigmentation that is similar but not exactly like that of the Trill species. Her eyes glow when her mood changes. For example: when she is angry they will glow orange.. but most of the time they are their natural color which was originally brilliant green within green when she first came among the crew of the London. After an ‘occurrence’ on the surface of Krios a short time later.. her eyes were severely damaged and had to be replaced.. they are now lavender in color. This does not mean that her eyes are completely normal in their appearance.. like all other Kriosians of full blood, her eyes do not have irises one color and then whites behind.. her eyes are completely lavender.. but when her mood changes it is the ‘whites’ of her eyes that change color dramatically.


Aiyana’Ara can almost be accused of having multiple personalities.. one moment she is calm, confident and sometimes arrogant.. at others she is timid, frightened and unsure of everything she does. She can also be fun-loving and compassionate at times.

Background Imagine this: One day you wake up and find yourself alone in a broken down shuttle craft that you barely know how to operate with nothing but a chest containing sparse clues about your past.. You know the answers or you think you do. And then suddenly you are beamed into the cargo hold of an alien space craft and surrounded by people that are as curious about you as you are afraid of them.

Now, add this: You have been on the run, alone for two years. Everyone in the known universe is looking for you that you know of.. and those that aren’t would be more than happy to keep you for themselves or sell you to the highest bidder.

Oh and one more thing: You can only speak your own language.. at first.. and the people you meet don’t know what that language is.. all you know is that you’d rather die than be anyone’s slave again.

That is exactly what the London found when they found Aiyana’Ara alone in a Breen shuttle crashed on the surface of a Dyson’s Sphere. What they didn’t know at the time was that Aiyana’Ara was what is known to anyone not of Krios as a Empathic Metamorph. A uniquely gifted race of women possessing empathic abilities to mimic and mirror exactly another person so that they become the perfect mate. Hence the high value placed on them because of the rarity of such a race. Aiyana’Ara escaped Krios and certain servitude, or so she believed and was doing her best to avoid everyone and remain free.

Once onboard the London, she befriended Wayne Abbott, the ship’s linguist who helped her communicate with the crew, it wasn’t long before she picked up on the language commonly used on Starfleet vessels and could communicate without help. It was then that she met the first of two women whose fate and hers were intertwined. She met Cortessa Quinn, the London’s counselor. Cortessa Quinn immediately seemed like a kindred spirit and the two talked frequently.. It was through Quinn that Aiyana’Ara learned that the London crew would not sell her into slavery or demand she ‘imprint’ on anyone.

No long after.. an occurrence happened that forever changed her life.. She met Riosa Lor. She almost instantly fell in love with the woman.. seeing in the young Betazoid a soul so like her own.. that it was inevitable that they would be together. Their happiness at finding each other was short lived.. for soon she was brutally raped and beaten by another officer that was under the control of a mind altering agent. She was impregnated and then abducted along with Tessa Quinn, Lieutenant Barlo Solo to a Cardassian ship where she was given to a Cardassian legate.

The London gave chase and eventually rescued Aiyana’Ara and the others.. but not before the young Kriosian was examined by the Cardassian medical officer. She was forced to watch as the embryo of her child was forcibly removed from her and her reproductive system rendered useless. Riosa Lor and a team from the London swept in and rescued her.

It was in the aftermath of this incident that a mysterious visitor from Aiyana’Ara’s past arrived.. Her own father.. demanding the return of the young metamorph to Krios. Admiral Thelek flatly refused, granting Aiyana’Ara full asylum onboard the London. It was at that moment.. that Ara looked into the chest she was found with and found that she was more than just a metamorph.. but the rightful heir to the throne of Krios itself. She was the Tenth Daughter of the Fourth Dynasty of Kel. A line of royalty that was overthrown in a revolution three hundred years before. And she knew at that time she had to return to Krios and change everything she ever knew on her home world. She learned that a Starfleet ship unwittingly aided the revolution that sold her people into slavery.. and she fought long and hard to allow her heart to forgive the Federation.

But in the midst of all the heartache and grief.. something wonderful happened to her.. She was married to Riosa Lor. She stood on a shoreline on Rubicun III and declared her love to the Consort of the Tenth Daughter.. Riosa Lor in the company and witness of the London’s crew and the approving eyes of her friend Cortessa Quinn and her mentor Thelek Uvar.

And then the day of decision came.. Krios beckoned once more.. Aiyana’Ara had to return. And return she did.. with the full wrath that any queen could ever have. The event of the next few days are recorded well within the logs of the London.. and to this date it has not been one hundred percent explained. Upon arrival, the London was attacked buy the Kriosian government. Several civilians were killed including women and children. Aiyana’Ara returned to the surface of Krios and was abruptly killed in an unexplained manner deep in the ruins of an ancient city.. Geologic events and meteorological phenomena took place which suggested that the core of Krios itself was unstable. Eyewitness account state that it looked like the mouth of Hell itself had opened up and that eternal damnation was marching on the capital city. When the devastation was nearly complete and the population of Krios were convinced the end of their world was neigh.. the devastation reversed itself and all returned to normal.. except that the ruling government of Krios was missing and presumed destroyed.

A new government took it’s place a newly formed provisional government was formed by the creation of a democratically elected legislator under the rule of a blind monarch.. Aiyana’Ara herself… returned from the dead by manners still under investigation by the Federation Academy of Science. Aiyana’Ara renounced the throne, taking the role of Constitutional Monarch at Large/Ambassador and appointing another to rule in her place.

When the smoke cleared, the London repaired and all present and accounted for.. Aiyana’Ara again turned her back on Krios and left her home world to follow her heart to the stars.. but tragedy was not far behind.. Cortessa Quinn.. her long time friend.. turned out to be her long lost sister.. and while that was celebrated briefly.. Cortessa Quinn was brought up on charges of treason due to some files found on her computer console.. while Aiyana’Ara never believed the charges she was unable to convince others of the same and the trial was scheduled, Cortessa Quinn arrested. During transfer off the London where Quinn was remanded to the custody of the JAG office, Quinn was assassinated by a distraught Marine who lost his family in the attack on the London.

Aiya, while living with the pain, has moved on. She lives with Riosa Lor and has recently graduated Starfleet Academy. She holds the position of Infiltration Specialist in the Intelligence department and has been granted a field commission into the ranks of Starfleet.
Member Since 19 August 2007
Time merit- Awarded on Aug 13 2008 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award