Crew Biography For Young , Rachel May (npc)

Full Name: Rachel May Young
Current Rank Petty Officer Third Class
Position(s) held Operations officer
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 5'9
Weight 9st 4lbs
Appearance Scarlet red hair, emerald green eyes, athletic physique
Personality Once a non-stop party girl, she straightened out after joining Starfleet. She still enjoys life and enjoys making new friends. She can sometimes be a flirt but knows deep down that she'll always love Lieutenant Nick Grissom. She actively studies Martial Arts and enjoys a good Holonovel but also reads ancient Earth Poetry and literature as well as both Earth and Alien music. She is a good listener, which is proven because it was her that helped Grissom get over the loss of his best friend and brother in law to a terrorist attack. She doesn’t like it when Nick has to go on missions or risks his life and chooses to voice her opinions of that fact to his superiors on occasion but realises that he has to do his job and accepts that.
Background A Native of Earth’s New York city, Rachel was born into a family of turmoil. Her Father was an advisor to the Federation President and spent months on end in Paris while her mother taught at James Kirk High School, which she later attended. She rebelled from a young age and was in trouble with Earth Police Forces on numerous occasions until a Police officer suggested to her mother that she should attend Starfleet Academy to help to straighten her life out. She reluctantly attended and met a second year cadet by the name of Nicholas Grissom. They struck up a friendship, which soon developed into more and helped each other with their troubled lives, their studies and their passion for Martial Arts. Grissom graduated from the Academy to join the crew of Starbase 213, she completed her last two years, excelling in Starship Operations. She graduated in the top tenth percentile and joined the crew of the USS Freeman NCC 58123, the attaché
ship to Starbase 213. She resumed her relationship with Grissom and transferred with him to the USS Sphinx NCC 34561 as an Operations officer. He gained promotion and transferred to the USS London NCC 23404 after they agreed that his skills would be better spent on a ship of the London’s calibre. They agreed to maintain a long distance relationship but she found it would be impossible as the Sphinx would be on the other side of Federation Space to the London, so she requested a transfer.


Rachel is an Reserved Non-Player Character.