Crew Biography For Wellesley (RNPC), Michael Arthur (npc)

Full Name: Michael Arthur Wellesley (RNPC)
Current Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position(s) held Science officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 5.11
Weight 160
Appearance Image hosted by
Sandy blonde hair, vivid blue eyes, angelically good looks of which he
is totally unconscious
Personality He seems either naive or innocent---some have described him
as too good for this universe. He is a dedicated scientist, so much so
that he has had no time for much in the way of social activities. He
knows little of how to relate especially to women in a social setting.
Background Michael Arthur Wellesley was born in Ireland on Earth 14
February 2356. He is the direct descendent of Arthur Wellesley, better
known as the Duke of Wellington. Father and mother both deceased. His
older brother succeeded to the Duchy title, but has yet produced no
heir, making Michael the heir apparent and current Marquess of
Wellington. He attended Eton and
entered Starfleet Academy, graduating at the top of the Class of '78.
was stationed at Starfleet Headquarters, Sciences Division on Earth. He
took advantage of the posting to continue his studies at Oxford,
an MA in Astrophysics in 2379 and a PhD in Xenobiology in 2381. He had
just defended his disseration successfully before receiving his orders
join the USS London.

While serving the the Science Department under Thomas O'Ryan, he
thought the coincidental name odd, and did some research. The young
man was shocked to the core to discover that this same man was the
brother of his mother's great-grandmother, making his superior officer
his great-great-granduncle. O'Ryan's sister apparently idolized her
brother, thought to have been lost heroically in the line of duty in
the 2280s, as tales of Thomas had been handed down from generation to
generation, until after 4 generations they had become family legends.
It took some time for Michael to adjust his thinking to look at his
uncle as a human being rather than some titantic figure from the past.
They now enjoy a close relationship, though he has yet to introduce
O'Ryan to the Wellesley clan. Service on the taskforce flagship is a
busy one, and Michael secretly looks forward to the time when O'Ryan
bursts the aristocratic bubble of his stuffy older brother.