Crew Biography For Blossom, Cherry (npc)

Full Name: Cherry Blossom
Current Rank Petty Officer First Class
Position(s) held Hydrophonics expert
Species Omegan
Gender Female
Age 116
Height 5.11
Weight 60kg
Appearance Willowy but athletic, Cherry Blossom would rather run through the forests and grasslands or swim in the lakes or rivers of her homeworld than workout in a gym. Though over a century old she looks to be in her late teens. Her black hair is long and vibrant and touches the small of her back. She has been known to braid it into large plaits and even attach beads and feather to her hair like her ancestors who eerily resemble the Native Americans of Earth. She dislikes boots and would rather wear moccasins or just go barefoot, especially when she is in the hydroponics bay. Her blue eyes reflect the wild sky after a storm.
Cherry Blossom loves all things of nature. She demonstrated an early age that she was very attuned to natural things more with plants than animals but she loves them just the same. Partly it was due to how their ancestors had abused the land in their undying hatred of their fellow Kohms and now that they were working out ways to make peace, the land was healing itself and new plants and animals returned to their old lands. Cherry Blossom is a strict vegetarian (won't eat replicated meat), but she will eat animal by-products. Her quarters are always filled with plants of every kind. Unfortunately for others Cherry Blossom is very opinionated, bossy and always tries to get her way...and plus she has a thing about some abusing her 'honor' that has gotten her into actual fights. Not catfights as she is an accomplished hand-to-hand combatant and always seems to have a knife or two secreted about her person. She has tried learning about Earth cultures since her planet mysteriously mirrors much of it and has even at one point tried to become a Buddhist, but gave it up in return to continue her own people's belief in a Great Spirit (or God). She rarely makes friends after realizing that not every is long-lived like her and seeing her friends she made in the Enlisted Academy and on her first post growing old and wrinkled saddened her. And now she prefers her plants and trees over human companionship...mostly...She is a sucker for anything panda-related and her deepest darkest secret is how much she loves watching Grease with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, though she has it memorized...she finds it infinitely fascinating and likes to dress up in those period of clothes though never with anyone around.
Cherry Blossom (her full name, not first and last, she gets very upset when people try calling her Cherry or Ms Blossom) was born on Omega IV on the same day that Captain Kirk of the Enterprise arrived to find out what had happened to the USS Exeter that had vanished 6 months ago in 2268. They found Captain Tracey aiding her people's enemies the Kohms with phasers and other advanced weaponry and tactics. Both peoples, the Yangs and Kohms had been mighty civilizations that had covered the entire planet...but bacteriological weapons were used wiping out all but the hardiest of them. Captain Kirk's arrival heralded a new age for their planet. Their ancestors had been technologically advanced and with the impetus of having aliens visit their world they finally learned to live together and bury old animosities. It wasn't perfect but it worked and within a generation they had reclaimed their old technology minus the horrible weapons that had put them all into near-savage barbarian lifestyles.

They had also all pledged their lives and time to the Holy Words that bound them all, words that were eerily reminiscent of one of Earth's greatest governments. Within another generation they had reached out of their own solar system and developed warp drive. The Federation finally welcomed them into the brotherhood of warp-traveling beings and they officially joined the Federation in 2318, fifty years to the day that Kirk had appeared on their planet. Unfortunately Captain Kirk had perished on the Enterprise-B 25 years before but other USS Enterprise crewmembers were there like Spock. Despite their involvement with the Federation, few Omegans left their homeworld. Due to their longevity and much work still to be done rebuilding their once great civilization few felt the need to leave.

Cherry Blossom was one who did want to see other worlds and she felt compelled to join Starfleet, to ensure that all life was held sacred...even simple plants. Her scores were not good enough to get her into the Officer's Academy, so she enlisted in 2350 and over the course of thirty years has trained to become a botanist and has pushed for every ship to have a hydroponics bay and has sought for ways to make it very easy and economical for any ship in Starfleet to have one without a minimum of fuss no matter how much room is available.

Cherry Blossom in 3/4's Yang and 1/4 Kohm and she is one of the few that embraces both cultures of her civilizations in way of honoring both. Her parents still nag her about coming home and giving them grand-children. Instead she sends them flowers and seedlings of plants that will benefit Omega IV without disrupting its ecosystem.

2351: Graduating from the Enlisted Academy she was stationed on Starbase Terra Nova which was a large hydroponics space station designed to explore new methods of raising food and plants on starships and on different worlds where large holodecks are used to artificially simulate different planets.

2355: Promoted to Crewman Apprentice and transferred to USS Alkindus as they began a five year scientific mission to explore a star system filled with M-class planets. Was disciplined for not staying in radio contact. Helped identify new plants and work on standard for keeping the most prized ones successful in a hydroponics setting.

2361: Promoted to Crewman and transferred to Starfleet Academy's offsite location on the Moon to work on hydroponics farms there and to assist with zero/micro-gravity botany research. Was disciplined for getting drunk and running through corridors. Her excuse of honoring her religious traditions was heard but rejected as she claimed her people celebrated the harvest festival with lots of alcohol.

2367: Volunteers to assist with clean-up after Battle of Wolf 359 against the Borg.

2369: Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class and transferred to USS Crazy Horse and got along great with the Native American Indian captain. Some would say too great but few would dare comment if anything happened. The Captain decided to retire and asked Cherry Blossom to marry him but she refused and put in for a transfer.

2373: Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and transferred to USS Georg Mendel which was originally tasked to collect samples of plant-life in the Gamma Quadrant but due to the outbreak of the Dominion War the small science vessel was relegated to the task of ferrying diplomats/envoys/classified messages. It was during this stressful time that after repeated denials of shorelevae that she was charged with insubordination and docked a rank to P03.

2376: After the Dominion War was over she transferred to the Provisional Command for the Rebuilding of Cardassia Prime Task Force and promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class. She was there to help protect/assess/rebuild the damaged fauna of the planet and assist the survivors on ways to better maximize growth and potential so they wouldn't starve in the years ahead.

2377: Transferred to Starbase Genesis to assist with terraforming practices. The idea of turning dead worlds into ones that could hold life greatly intrigued her but because they moved at an obscene glacial pace, she quickly tired of it and put in for a new transfer.

2380: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class and transferred to the USS London. Cherry Blossom enjoys being forgotten and just another unknown face in the sea of crewmen aboard a ship.

Cherry Blossom is completely human, except for her longevity (she will live more than 1000 years barring accident/injury) and also has a exceedingly high/near-complete or complete immunity to most poisons/toxins/diseases/plagues due to her homeworld's ancient biological wars that she developed like all of her people have an immunity too.