Crew Biography For O'Hare, Elaine Magdalena (npc)

Full Name: Elaine Magdalena O'Hare
Current Rank Ensign
Position(s) held Counselor
Species human
Gender Female
Age 26
Height 5'2
Weight 110lbs
Appearance Elaine has shoulder length red hair, fair skin, and dark blue eyes. She’s a bit short, but she has curves in all the “right” places.
Personality Personality: Elaine may be short, but she’s feisty. She is very inquisitive, always seeking both questions and answers. She’s lovely to her friends, and can be very outgoing in the right crowd.

Background Elaine grew up in a small town in Texas, although you might not know it due to her very Jewish family. She is the youngest child of five kids, all of them brothers. She was her mother’s joy, and her mother always tried to make her more of a “girl” than what she wanted to be. Growing up with four older brothers, she was very much a tom boy when she was out of the house.
Although raised Jewish, she feels that she is on a different path. She is very much into many of the different Mythologies of Earth, mostly Roman, Greek and Celtic. You can see that every time you enter her quarters.
She decided instead of just going blindly into the Academy after high school, she decided to travel Earth, and did so for two years. After which, she entered the Academy and served the full four years.
After the Academy, she served on the USS York for two years before asking for a transfer to a different ship. She hasn’t told anyone why she asked for it, but that’s because she never really trusted anyone on the York.