Crew Biography For M'Giia-Steiner, Elrise (npc)

Full Name: Elrise M'Giia-Steiner
Current Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position(s) held Linquist
Species Andorian/human
Gender Female
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 126Lbs
Appearance Appearance: small antennae white hair. Light blue complexion. Light yellow
eye color
Personality Once a happy carefree soul, M'Giia is now a shadow of her
former self due to events from the past five years. She is more shy and is
easily upset when confronted with challenges she's not used to.

That was the old Elrise, now she had blossomed into a first rate officer and
the care free and happy soul is back with a vengeance. Much of this is to
do with meeting the love of her life Kyle and in some part his daughter
Laren. She had a family now!
Background M'Giia was born on Earth to a Human Mother who put her up for
adoption because of her Andorian Heritage. Her Adoptive parents allowed her
to keep her Andorian name and chose to give her their late daughters first

Growing up in Ireland was a great experience for M'Giia who
regularly visited the Starfleet Outpost in her Hometown of Dublin. Her
early affinity for Languages and her photographic memory gave her the
advantage when applying for the Academy and completing final Exams and
because of this, she earned the Uhura Degree of Communications with
honours and spent her first six months as an Ensign posted at the Subspace
Relay outpost orbiting Jupiter. She was quickly recognised at the station
and was soon posted on an Akira Class USS Whitfield. Tragedy struck
however when the Whitfield was attacked by a Breen armada. She and
surviving crew were taken prisoner by the Breen who submitted them to
Neural Shock torture for several months. A rescue Armada lead by
Captain Edward Jellico of the USS Cairo rescued the prisoners and
returned them to Federation space. After months of treatment at a
Starfleet Medical Rehabilitation Institute for a further two years to
adjust to having to use a Cordical Implant to keep her Neural Pathways
stable for the rest of her life. After returning to duty she joined the
crew of the USS Repulse. The former Captain of the Repulse was charged
with taunting her about her past and her Hybrid ancestry, which affected
her greatly and she was ready to resign her commission until she received
transfer orders to join the USS London's crew. She accepted because
Captain Uvar, the ship's CO is Andorian and she feels that he may be
able to teach her more about Andorian's and bring balance to her life.

Sometime after joining the London, she met the new Security Chief and worked
closely with him installing a new secure communications array, she fell in
love with him, but struggled with her feelings. He knew much of Andor due
to him being a member of the Trachka and this helps the relationship along.
He reciprocated her feeling and for the first time in years she knew love.

She is now happily married to Kyle Steiner and step-mother to his daughter