Crew Biography For Leonidas, Diana

Full Name: Diana Leonidas
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Intelligence officer
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 34
Height 5'10
Weight 175
Appearance Diana is a muscular woman, with a very atheletic build. She has dark blue eyes and light red hair. she has several scars on her body which she considers badges of honor.
Personality Likes: Combat and competitive sports. Is an expert in demolition, sniping, kick boxing, boxing, and several martial arts. She also has a fondness for baseball and soccer.
Dislikes: Superiors and underlings who go "by the Book". She considers it a guideline and nothing more. Incompetnet superiors and underlings.
Strengths: Calm and collected in a crisis. Tends to push herself and those around her to the breaking point during a crisis. Very confident of her own abilities.
WeaknessesL Can be quick to anger depending on the situation. Tends to hold her emotions inward and not express them.
Special Ability:
Quirks: Likes to exorcise in the nude.
Hobbies: History of war, and tecniques of combat, guerilla warfare, field exorcises and training.
Ambition: Reach the rank of Marine Colonel.
Motto: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
Background Diana was born in 2350, on a planet called Terra II. Here, under somewhat mysterious circumstances, various earth cultures, raning from the Babylonians, the Egytians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Britons, Goths, Huns, Mongols, Vikings, to name a few.
If creating a world dominated by war was the intent, then it succeded. Over the 1500 year history of the planet, all but 250 years were spent not at war.
Some suspect a "Q" was invovled, however such has never been proven.
When she was 8, she was taken off to join the Academy. While some things had change, other things had not. Training could be called brutal, as an emphasis was placed on survival of the fittest and strongest. They were purposely underfed to encourage the skills of stealth used to steal food from the Helots. They were given clothing twice a year, and encouraged to improvise, thus encouraging engenuity.
the children lived in communes, and were encouraged to show loyalty to their specific commune, and no longer to their families. As always failure was called out and harshly punished. Stealing from each other was harshly punished if caught.
At the age of 12, two things happened. First, combat training began. Froim the begining, training was done with sharpened knives. Each student was given just enough padding so as not to land a leathal blow. However, deep cuts, lacerations and the like were common place.
The other was that an older member of the same gender would take them on as a mentor. This mentor was expected to teach their charge about everyting except sex. Such a thing was seen as being like having sex with one's own children. However, flirting, kissing, and sleeping in the same bed, provided a sheet or heavy blanket seperated the bodies was allowed. Thus, Diana's basic education was furthered by her mentor. She learned further reading, writing and speaking different languages, about history, the art of war, ect.
While in days past, students would have been encouraged to steal and murder the Helot on guard at night, now days, they took on other communes in regular constests. The rules was only winners matter. Second place was nothing more then "first loser." Victory, was rewarded, while the commune who finished last was disiplined harshly before everyone.
Over the next five years, training would be intensified. All combat was done with "live fire" with energy weapons put on stun. Bladed weapons were used with just enough padded armor to prevent leathal wounds. Tactics were also taught, as well as the rule of Spartan warfare: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.
By the age of 17, Spartans were among the best trained solidier on the planet, and some would say in the galaxy. They were proficient in every known form of combat and tactics, with their favorite being hit and run and guerailla warfare and infiltration.
At the age of 18, she boarded the USS Hornet, for the three year journey to earth. Over the one year period, she would learn other skills besides those combat related. She would learn about advanced mathamatics, navigation, science, law and order and history. She would learn the skills she would neen to graduate from the Academy. She had chosen to join the Marines becaue they seened the most combat oriented.
She would graduate the marine Academy in 2369. She would graduate in 2373, and was assigned to the USS George S. Patton, along the front lines of the Cardassian War. The Patton would be destroyed six months later, and the survivors would turn into a guerilla unit. Amont their missions was infiltration, exfiltration, recon, assassination, to which they are credited with a Cardassian general among other.
When the war ended, she was promoted to 2nd Lt and assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln. She would serve for two years, till 2377, when she was recalled to earth to spend 2378 in special forces training, something the utterly excelled at.
She was assigned to the Alexander the Great in 2379, where she would serve as team xo and team leader of Green Team. She was promoted to Marine Captain, at the end of the term.
She was assigned to the USS London as the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and as an Infiltration officer.
Member Since 28 September 2009
Time merit- Awarded on Sep 23 2010 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award