Crew Biography For Ridgeway (RNPC), Tom

Full Name: Tom Ridgeway (RNPC)
Current Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position(s) held Acting ACEO
Species human
Gender Male
Age 26
Height 5'11
Weight 170
Appearance Slim build but muscular. A clean-cut handsome boyish face
always clean shaven. He hates his peach fuss beard thingie.
Personality Tom is light hearted and easy going, He likes people and enjoys social affairs. His hobbies are astrology, computers, and finding more information then anyone else on any given topic. Not extremely competitive but likes a good challenge once in a while.
Background Tom's father Robert is an X=Marine tech. Now works for Starfleet as a civilian. His mother Alice a teacher at the local junior college, An extremely bright and talented woman who put her career on hold to raise her three boys.

Tom's two brothers; younger by five years: Mike, just entering the marines on earth this year younger by eight years Evan, is doing well and has plans on college.

Tom grew up in the shadow of a marine base, Quantico. His father was a repair tech for the base shuttles. He learned marine martial arts just to survive as a kid. Tom was not much as an athlete, but he still enjoyed summer surfing along the USA'a East Coast every summer since his fifteenth birthday. At school he excelled at electronics, computers, and repairing about anything.

He went to the school his mom taught at because it was free. He did extremely well at
school and applied to University of Maryland, but could not come up with the money.

Then He got his big break a military scholarship work program. He would attend Maryland university as an electronical engineer and during the summers would work for the Fleet repairing and testing new gizmos. Most of his junior college credits transferred with him and he graduated in three years. During that time he had gotten to work on some of the top gadgets in the electronics arsenal. He also gained some advanced programming skills.

At his Father's suggestion Tom joined the Marines. The recruiter looked at his schooling and promised him a Warrant position as soon as He got
through training. Tom breezed through His basic training. He continued training to be an Artificer and graduated in the top three.

He was assigned to a Star base upon completion of his training. When he asked about the promised Warrant rank was told to fill out several volumes of paperwork.

On reaching the Star base Tom applied for warrant rank based on his qualifications. Was on the Star base nearly two years when got reassigned to the London.

Tom had just about given up on the Warrant rank, when he boarded the London with some other replacements. Once aboard, He noticed the shortage of officers among the Marines and had renewed hope, till a few days out and he learned his Platoon Leader was a new fighter jockey.

When went to Lieutenant MacCloud was happily surprised that the
Lieutenant was actually going to try to get this taken care of. He was looking forward to an Officer's room with only one roommate.
Schools and training:

2 years Southern Maryland Jr College.
3 years Maryland university, BS in Engineering.
9 months Marine basic training and Artificer school.
2 years as a communications specialist Hqtrs secion Marine Unit on starbase 182.
Comm Specialist #rd Marine Platoon USS London.
promoted to Warrant first and moved to Marine 885th Squadron, Uss London.
Transferred to fleet as an Engineering Officer, USS London.
Member Since 28 May 2010
Time merit- Awarded on May 23 2011 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award