Crew Biography For Sorenson, Shawna

Full Name: Shawna Sorenson
Current Rank Major
Position(s) held Marine CO
Species Trill/Human
Gender Female
Age 36
Height 5ft
Weight 170lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown

Physical Description

Shawna has an athletic build, a result of regular exercise and physical training. She has a barely noticeable limp from injuries sustained during her adolescence and in starfleet service.

She wears her hair loose allowing it to grow down past her shoulders. Occasionally, if the situation demands, she will wear it in a pony tail though she prefers it loose. Her 'spots', the only major trait that visually distinguishes Trill's from Terran's, are barely noticeable and can only be seen on close inspection.


General Overview
A lot of what can be said about Shawna's personality springs from the events surrounding her parent's death. She developed a tough exterior to protect herself against further pain, earning her the academy nickname of "Ice Queen".

Over the years, her friendships and relationships have softened her toughness somewhat. Also, her work in Intelligence has taught her to be able to control that exterior to a greater extent. In recent years, events and friendships have transpired to bring her out of her 'shell.'

One of the traits Shawna has had since birth and hasn't really changed, is her precise attitude. Often manifest as an attention to detail in her work, this trait has helped her advance in her chosen career.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Shawna has a very strong will, a trait that has served her well throughout her life.

Shawna has somewhat of a temper and can sometimes act impulsively. She has a strong deep seated hatred of the Cardassians after the events of her childhood and later on the Dominion War.

In her early years, Shawna never really thought much about her ambitions as she tended to take life one day at a time. Her only real ambition, if it could be called that, was to find and avenge the death of her parents.

As she's lived her life, found a mate, given birth to a daughter, and has another on the way, Shawna's main ambitions now focus around her family and their needs.

Hobbies & Interests

Aside from her family, Shawna's own interests are varied but her main areas of interest are: history, books, and being outdoors.


Father: John Jameson (deceased)
Mother: Enzia Vox (deceased)
Spouse: Ben Sorenson
Children: Sophie
Other Family:


Shawna was born on earth to John & Marie Jameson in 2351 during a visit with family in the Aegean region of Earth. She grew up on one of the colony worlds in the Federation / Cardassian Neutral zone. At age 13, Her parents were killed when a group of Cardassian settlers attacked the village they lived in.

She survived the attack in part because portions of her family's house collapsed on top of her. She remained trapped under the pile of rubble for two days till a rescue party found her. She was suffering from extensive injuries and was near death when the party found her. The doctors on board ship managed to repair most of Shawna's injuries though they were unable to heal a slight limp & stiffness in one leg.

The officer leading the team that found Shawna adopted her into his family. She eventually managed to integrate into her new family though the first few months were extremely rough. During those first few months, Shawna spent many hours alone on the holodeck trying to make sense of what happened. Her grief at the loss of her parents drove her to near suicide several times during that time. The turning point in her recovery was when she met another adolescent who had gone through a similar situation to her own on another colony world.

They dated for a few years before going separate ways. After they parted, Shawna started looking at what she wanted to do with her life. Nothing in civilian life appealed to her so she started looking into various career paths in Starfleet. After some thought, she settled on Flight Operations. She threw herself into prepping for the entrance exams for starfleet.

At age 18, Shawna took the entrance exam and, surprising everyone, was accepted into the academy. Her first year passed quickly, a common experience for students, with a flurry of introductory courses in all major subject areas. By the end of her first year, Shawna was aiming towards a concentration in vessel flight control. She took some other courses in Engineering & Medicine. She remained a bit of a loner during her first year, preferring study over a social life.

Part way into Shawna's second year, she started coming out of her protective shell forming more of a social life and joining her classmates in various extra-curricular activities. She started dating during this time but never really dated seriously. Her first work term had her assigned to Starbase 12 as a Flight Officer. She was assigned to shuttle operations and within a month, her supervisor placed her as Asst Shift SUpervisor for Shuttle Ops. on Gamma shift.

Her third & fourth years passed much like her second had. She graduated with honors and was assigned to DS9 as shuttle operations officer. She served on DS9 till she was approached by an admiral to serve as his Aide, or Dog Robber as they are affectionately known. She accepted and served as his aide for two years. During that time rumors surfaced that her duties were not all they appeared to be.

After serving as an Aide for two years, she was let go and went to serve as an officer on a Defiant class vessel assigned to Starfleet Intelligence. She participated in the incident known as Message in a bottle. During this period, Jameson participated in several classified missions both inside & outside the federation.

With the Dominion starting to brew, Jameson was assigned to the USS Reliant as a Conn officer. The Reliant served in the retaking of DS9 but had to be towed into DS9 after the battle. The USS Essex was short a Conn officer & Shawna was reassigned to her. She participated in several of the major battles of the war, including the Chin'toka retreat. The Essex was one of a handful of vessels to survive that engagement and, sadly, lost over 70% of her crew.

During her time aboard the Essex, Shawna met a young science officer by the name of Ben. Initially Shawna tried to avoid him but his persistence paid off. They became close friends and in the months leading up to the Chin'toka retreat, started dating. There were even rumors surfacing that the two might get engaged, a rumor the two neither denied nor confirmed. The final battle of the Essex would change all that.

Jameson was serving on the battle bridge during the attack and that was, in part, what saved her life. The Essex managed to avoid the energy dampening weapon for several minutes, in part due to Jameson's skills as a pilot, though she would always insist luck had more to do with it then any real skill on her part. They were just starting to retreat when a dominion 'scarab' slammed into their warp nacelle. The ensuing explosion consumed the nacelle and most of the connecting strut.

The Essex spun out of control, just missing a Romulan warbird. A Breen vessel then fired on the Essex, punching a hole through the saucer. The explosion blew out the EPS relays throughout the ship.

Jameson was sitting in front of a console when it's EPS relay exploded, sending shrapnel across the bridge. Jameson caught part of the blast in her face and upper torso. The explosion threw her partway across the bridge, breaking several ribs when she landed. Before she blacked out, the last memory she had was of Ben kneeling over her, a grave look on his face as he told her she would be fine.

The Essex, her systems completely gone, drifted through the battlefield for several days before a small task force of ships arrived on scene to pickup the survivors. The task force fought off the Dominion long enough to recover all of the survivors.

Shawna and the the other survivors were sent to various medical facilities sprinkled throughout the federation, Starbase 97 in Shawna's case. Shawna spent several months in rehab and later, light duty at the starbase. During her stay at the starbase, Shawna tried to find where Ben had been transferred to but in the wake of several Breen attacks on key installations, finding information about Ben was next to impossible. Trusting to hope Ben would find and contact her, Shawna soldiered on day by day. Fate would deal a different hand to her.

A month after the war finished, Shawna received new orders. She was to transfer to the "Dark Knights" 21st Special Operations Group, Alpha Team. The team forming was short a person and her 'expertise' was needed. She joined the team and participated in several missions including the rescue of a captured federation team.

On her next assignment, the Covert Ops team was sent into Breen territory to collect data on a prototype fighter. The mission was plagued with problems from the start. The transport scramblers only partially worked, spreading the team across several square kilometers. Shawna received severe damage to her spinal cord as result of the botched landing. She was able to keep herself going using a neuro-stimulant. Meanwhile, the USS Aquarius, their transport, was discovered in orbit and forced to retreat.

The team managed to recover the plans but were forced to evacuate in the prototype. They managed to avoid the Breen on the way back to Federation space. By the time they got back to Federation space, the prolonged effects of the stimulant were taking their toll on Shawna. She was completely unable to move her legs and the rest of her nervous system was damaged from the stimulant.

Once back at Starbase Obsidian, the doctors worked hard to repair the damage the transporter scrambler and subsequent stimulant usage did to her nervous system. They managed to repair most of the damage though her walk would remain the slightest bit unsteady. Because of injuries suffered, Shawna was taken off the Covert Ops team and assigned other duties on Starbase Obsidian.

Transferring to the USS Aquarius, Shawna took up her specialty of piloting, becoming the USS Aquarius' Assistant Chief of Flight Operations. She took on that job with the zeal she put into her other jobs and soon made a mark for herself aboard the Aquarius.

Partway into her tour aboard the Aquarius, the ship stopped at Risa for a well deserved break. En route the impossible happened. Shawna received a message from Ben. He was going to be on leave at Risa for a few weeks before the ship he was assigned to went on a deep space mapping assignment. Nervous and unsure, Shawna still agreed to meet Ben.

The two weeks they spent together were heavenly for them both. Shawna hadn't expected their relationship to remain this intact, especially after the length of forced separation they underwent after the loss of the Essex. As the two weeks drew to a close, Shawna and Ben prepared to go their separate ways again. Not wanting to risk what they still had, Shawna asked Ben to transfer to the Aquarius. Ben agreed to put in transfer papers after the mission was over.

The two went their separate ways, Shawna back to the Aquarius, Ben back to his ship. Little did either of them know that Shawna carried a new life inside her, a little girl who would come to be known as Sophie.

The Aquarius went out on patrol. Partway through they received orders to divert to a star system where a relic of Adm. Farrel's past lay adrift. Arriving at the system they found the USS Aquarius-A in salvageable condition. During the recovery efforts, the Aquarius was attacked and the ship boarded.

The crew of the Aquarius-B were taken prisoner and their ship taken as a trophy. The crew survived two months of torture and squalid conditions under their Breen captors while the Federation negotiated for their release. In the end, the crew of the Aquarius broke out of the POW camp they were housed in and fought their way back to their ship. The Aquarius eventually made her way back to Federation space where she was towed to a nearby starbase.

Aboard the starbase, the crew underwent physical exams to determine the extent of their injuries. During the exam, the doctors broke the news to Shawna that she was pregnant. The next two months were tough for Shawna. While the Aquarius crew under went counseling for their stay in the Breen camp, Shawna also had to deal with the emotional roller coaster of an unexpected pregnancy. Several times, Shawna lost, or nearly lost control, of herself; in one case trashing an establishment before security was able to subdue her.

After a while, and some careful counseling, Shawna was finally able to come to terms with her pregnancy and started to settle into a normal routine on board the Aquarius.

After the refit, the Aquarius launched on a new mission. Partway in however, there was some crew shifts and Shawna was promoted to head of the department.

During tests of a prototype slipstream drive, the system failed and hurtled the crew into an alternate reality. During the ride Shawna, who was nearly full term by now, was thrown out of her chair by a particularly nasty jolt. She was thrown against a pylon and while she managed to lessen the impact, she still slammed into the ground with a large amount of force. As she landed, she felt a searing pain stab out from her abdomen. She collapsed in pain as medics rushed to her side.

In sickbay, Dr Lewis was forced to deliver little Sophie by caesarian section in order to save Shawna. As a result of the injuries sustained, and the delivery of her daughter, Shawna was forced to stay out of action while the Aquarius tried to make it back to their reality. Shawna took care of her daughter as best she could given the circumstances.

Upon arrival back into the normal universe, the Aquarius put into a starbase for repairs. Early on in the three month stay, Ben came back from his deep space mission, unaware of what had transpired.

A tearful reunion followed and soon afterwords, the two were wed aboard the Aquarius with the senior staff in attendance.

Six months later, during a routine charting mission, the Aquarius responded to a distress call from a cargo ship caught in a temporal disturbance. Flung 50,000 years into the past, Shawna found herself and her family stranded with the rest of the survivors on a planet named Genesis 3 and nicknamed "Bob."

Nearly three months later the USS Aquarius found a way to limp back to their own time and to starfleet. Shawna was overjoyed to be back though after this latest brush with fate, she seriously began to have doubts about her continued career aboard a starship.

Requesting a transfer, Shawna soon found herself and her family aboard the newly refitted Starbase 60, assigned to the fighter wing stationed there. That posting however was not to last as the marine force buildup within the system was halted after the main base of operations for the pirates in the region was found and dismantled. As the junior most officer, her wing was dispersed and she found herself without a posting and back on another starbase.

As chance would have it, Shawna ran into an old friend from her days in Covert Ops. The London was docked for a few days reloading before heading out and Maj Kachiko was short an XO, her previous one having departed under suspicious circumstances.

Shawna agreed to take on the post, even though she was somewhat leery about a ship posting again. Kachi's insistence turned the tide and she finally accepted.

Service Record

Starfleet Intelligence

USS Essex
-Flight Officer

21st Special Operations Group
-Pilot / Weapons Specialist

USS Aquarius
-Asst CFO

Starbase 60
-Marine Fighter Wing Commander

USS London
-Marine XO
-Marine CO
Member Since 5 March 2011
Time merit- Awarded on Feb 28 2012 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award