Crew Biography For Garner, Sydney (npc)

Full Name: Sydney Garner
Current Rank Crewman
Position(s) held Shuttlepilot
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 20
Height 1.78mrts
Weight 65kg
Appearance Image hosted by
Purple Hair, hazel eyes, athletic body
Personality Sometimes over confidant, Arrogant at times. Likes to party and is known to be a practical joker. Often flirty with other members of the crew, particularly male officers. Likes to spend her free time reading romance fiction, listening to music and visiting Holodecks
Background Sydney grew up in New York City on Earth. Her mother, Admiral Jinni Garner died at the hands of the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359 and her father, Ian Garner couldn't cope with Sydney's rebellious behaviour that soon followed her death so he left her with her grandparents and joined the Maquis. Her grandparents didn't have much luck in disciplining her either. The only thing that calmed her was piloting her grandfather's old T class Shuttlepod, which she would frequently fly into orbit to watch the Starfleet ships in and around the various stations orbiting Earth. An accident with her engine assembly left her helpless in orbit of Earth, that was Until Captain Picard and the Enterprise E rescued her. After speaking with him, he offered to recommend her to Starfleet Academy to study Starship Piloting/Navigation. She agreed and spent four years at the Utopia Planitia Piloting training facility on Mars. Many senior officers have note
d her as an excellent pilot but it must be noted that a similar number of reports claiming that she is too reckless to pilot a starship have been logged. Admiral Tennison of Jupiter outpost noted "Ms Garner fly's fast and hard and has a blatant diregard for Safety when it suits her. Some of the finest pilots in Starfleet have qualities like that. Take Captain Hikaru Sulu for example."