Crew Biography For Denton, Lorelei Marie

Full Name: Lorelei Marie Denton
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Chief Engineering Officer
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 30
Height 5'7
Weight 135
Appearance Lorelei is of average height and weight for a woman her age. She has long, jet black hair that runs past her shoulders. She has brown eyes and when she smiles, she has a gap in her top row of teeth. Itís something that could have been fixed a long time ago, but she has kept it as a way for people to tell her and her twin apart.
Personality Loreleiís personality is one of perfection. She is very smart when it comes to starship engineering but not as smart when it comes to working with others. She prefers to try to work on things on her own before asking for help, but in engineering, she had to learn to rely on the help of others, despite always wanting to do things herself. Because of this attitude, Lorelei can sometimes seem out of touch with others and unapproachable. This is sadly not the case. When she gets to a point of trusting others, she will actually go to them for help and assistance and will do what she can to help them.

Lorelei knows that she needs to work on being friendlier with others but she has had some bad experiences. She has been nice to one too many people and it has gotten her burned. It ended up being one of the major reasons that she requested a transfer from the Ares. She would never publically call out the offending officer, but what happened, happened and Lorelei had to deal with the consequences.
Background Lorelei and her twin sister, Hannah were born to Marcus and Yancy Denton aboard the USS Farragut. Her father was stationed as the Chief Engineer and Lorelei started to learn about the concepts of engineering almost from birth. Yancy, though a gifted scientist, chose to stay home with her daughters through their formative years.

Lorelei grew up going to standard public schools until she was of age to apply to Starfleet Academy, majoring in Engineering, of course. While Lorelei was learning from her father, Hannah was learning from her mother, eventually becoming a scientist in her own right. Hannah chose not to go to the Academy, feeling there were other unique places that she could learn about science.

During her time at the Academy, Lorelei made every effort to learn what she could about starship design and engineering. She even played around with the idea of designing her own starship, going as far as coming up with simple designs.

Upon graduation, Lorelei was assigned to the USS Excelsior as an engineering officer. She served the Excelsior for three years and received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. After the promotion, Lorelei was transferred to the USS Ares as Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

After serving with the Ares for five years, Lorelei has felt as if she was in a rut and needed to find a new place to belong. She hadn't received another promotion to full lieutenant despite others receiving promotions over her. She wondered why that was, but never bothered to complain about the lack of promotion despite her experience.

She requested a transfer and is hoping for the promotion that she deserves, though she would take any position that happened to be open as long as it got her off of the Ares.
Member Since 11 August 2011
Time merit- Awarded on Aug 5 2012 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award