Crew Biography For Kalmar, Agata

Full Name: Agata Kalmar
Current Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position(s) held Asst. Chief of Security
Species Cardassian
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 5'6"
Weight 191lbs
Appearance Eyes: Grey-green
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: 2380.10.12
Place of Birth: Jehaldarok (Cardassia Va)
Personality d
Background Jehaldarok is a cold bleak and utterly inhospitable planet in the Cardassian system. It is ruled by the miliarty with literally an iron fist. Agataís father (Gered Kalmar) was in the military and was one of many Guls who fought in the last war. Her mother (Magai Kalmar) was in military intelligence.

Agata had grown up hearing rumors that the Obsidian Order had a hidden base in the Molokar Mountains of her homeworld and with nothing else to do to pass the time she would spend her free time searching for it. On Jehaldarok there was literally nothing else to do but study and train. Eventually her searching paid off and she then enjoyed herself by sneaking after agents and spying on them: feeling it was a way of turning the tables on her Ďenemiesí. There is long standing rivalry between the Order and the Military on Cardassia: each group believes itself to be superior and tougher than the other. When Agata was eventually caught at it she was given a choice between recruitment and a disciplinary hearing: naturally she chose to join.

This has been the subject of disagreement: her family still believes she took the easy way out and that no true Cardassian would turn their back on the military. She has rarely been home, on infrequent trips to the Cardassian system she usually just goes to Cardassia prime for further training.

Agata entered the Black Academy and then went into Counterintelligence. The Order dislikes the rank system and rarely uses them: this is mainly due to security and a sense of paranoia. It is simply expected everyone knows who is superior to them and who is inferior and thatís it.

The Counterintelligence branch was embarrassed during the Dominion War thanks to the infiltration of changelings into its ranks. Since that time they have become more paranoid and vigilant: there is a legitimate concern that the threat from the Dominion has not been eliminated.

The Cardassian Union is currently attempting to rebuild its somewhat tarnished image and build alliances instead of waging war. As such they have adopted a policy of unprecendented cooperation and openness (at least they are pretending to do this). As such they have been placing agents in strategic positions and forcing Cardassians (xenophobic by nature) to liase with other species. Whether this proves successful or not: only time will tell.


Typically Cardassian she is a perfectionist with an incredible eye for detail. She has an exceptional memory and is mathematically skilled. She also speaks several important languages and is a competent hacker and programmer.

She is loyal to the Obsidian Order first, Cardassia second and her family ranks somewhere down the list. She is also trained in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

She is not ruthless, preferring to use strategy and intelligence rather than brute force. She disagrees with her familyís love of brute force and willingness to wage war: feeling this is ultimately wasteful of precious resources.

Like most Cardassians she has a well developed sense of humor and is fiercely loyal to friends (these are qualities which may come as a surprise to people.

2380- Born on Jehaldarok
2398- Enrolls in the Obsidian Orderís Black Academy
Member Since 24 September 2011
Time merit- Awarded on Sep 18 2012 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award