Crew Biography For Bannen, Brad (npc)

Full Name: Brad Bannen
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held pilot
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 6'3"
Weight 230lbs
Appearance Eye Color sky blue
Hair Color dark brown

Physical Description He appears even taller with broad shoulders, piercing sky blue
eyes that smile when he is happy and look piercing when he is angry. Light brown
hair and beard kept at a 1/2" length. He is fit with solid facial features, a
hawkish nose, although his face is a bit narrow.
Personality Personality & Traits
More of an action type then a thinker Bannen normally makes a quick judgment and
then dives in. Most consider him reckless but he seldom makes mistakes. He takes
calculated risks based on his proven abilities. He is polite and tries to be
friendly but doesn't really know much of proper etiquette. Brad is mild mannered
and normally quiet, he seldom attempts humor as usually gets jokes wrong with the
telling. he grew out of his competiveness and now only worries about challenging
General Overview
Bannen is relaxed and easy going, nothing seems to bother him and has a 'can do'
attitude about most anything, Has great confidence in himself and his abilities.
Refuses to accept failure in himself and will go to extreme measures to succeed at a
Background Ambitions
to fly fighters

Hobbies & Interests
holodeck games, board war-games using miniatures, painting those miniatures.


Father Brad
Mother sandy
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Other Family four adopted uncles, John Clevertree, a retired starfleet fighter
pilot; Mike Mender, a retired starfleet bay deckhand; John Alton, a retired
starfleet Marine shuttle pilot; Frank Canteni, owner/operator of a small west
Virginia aerospace port.

History Brad was born and raised in the mountains, His Father was a middle class
tuck driver, His Mom was a stay at home mom-mostly due to poor health. His Father
worked long hours and spent most of his free time helping his ailing mother. Brad
grew up taking on responsibility from a very young age.

When He was nine He met Mike Mender, the parts truck had slipped on the icy road and
slipped off the road. The jarring stop had overturned several boxes and parts where
scattered all over the place. Brad was walking home from school and stopped to help.
Was nearly two hours till had everything picked up and still no sign of a wrecker to
haul the truck free.

Brad brought Mike home and His parents fed him, then his Father drove out and helped
get the parts truck free. After that Mike started taking Brad out to the Aero port
on weekends at first then nearly everyday. The other three older fellows took an
immediate liking to young Brad and wasn't long till he was their assistant in just
about everything.

He spent as much time with his friends as possible, learning to navigate, basic
repairs and flight controls as put parts away and answered phones. By age of fifteen
He could practically run the place without help. His Mom passed on about then and
his Dad started drinking. Brad started spending even more time up at the Port.

John started giving him flying lessons and there was a strong competition between
John and John as to who could teach Brad the most. Clevertree pulled out all the
stops when he bought an old peregrine courier and started teaching Brad actual
ACM/SCM. Alton started to teach Brad combat landings and methods of rescue ops.

Brad enjoyed it all and was a dedicated student, at least here. All the time he
spent with his 'Uncles' actually hurt his grades in school due to missed homework
assignments. Given a choice of plotting a course to Pluto and then flying there and
back was much more interesting then english grammar or a science homework project.

Brad didn't participate in school activities at all, He worked at the Aero port, a
lot of times he slept there as well. He and his Dad had become strangers. All four
of his Uncles helped Brad get his grades back up. He trained with them in martial
arts every morning and evening. They felt it was important to stay fit and each had
their own style. As with the pilots they all competed to show Brad who had the most
effective techniques.

He joined the Marines right out of school only a few months after turned eighteen.
He had tested well and was offered flight training which he readily accepted. He
did well in the various military skills training and in classes, always in the top
three of any group. Brad helped others whenever asked and was patient and polite,
but he seldom offered help and never asked for it himself. The D.I.'s had a
difficult time trying to figure him out, but he never caused a problem and worked
well in a team. His marksmanship was outstanding and he was chosen for the
President's competition.

When he had made it through the President's one hundred opening rounds he learned it
would add two weeks to his training. The extra two weeks in basic to complete the
competition would somehow thrown his career into turmoil. He missed the Mimas
piloting class by days. He had to go somewhere so he went to what he considered the
next best offering.

He had gone to Artificer School instead of flight and making the best of the
situation, graduated top in his class, so received the Sapper specialty training.
He enjoyed blowing stuff up and defusing bombs was pretty cool as well. When
offered Pathfinder school, just naturally accepted. His trip to the Amazon for
jungle training had been miserable but He had to admit he learned a lot.

The trip to Berengia VII was long as the powers that be decided to use that time to
train the Zero-'G' course. So the trip was nearly seven weeks. On Berengia they
joined the Forest training and then straight to the Urban course. Having completed
three of the six week courses Brad had earned the Pathfinder badge. The return trip
to Earth was much quicker and uneventful.

Upon reaching Earth Brad learned his files had caught up with him and he was to
report to Mimas for flight training? So off he went to flight school. He excelled
and impressed his instructors at every step. His martial arts training and previous
flight training had given his a spatial sense of where he was in relationship to
everything else around, even during stressful maneuvers. He easily topped the
class. The instructors were impressed and sent him to Officer candidate school for
ten weeks, then he got sucked into Platoon leader school all to be eligible to pilot

For the first time he got low marks, he lacked leadership skills big time. He
scored well in all his courses but had almost no empathy for command. His
instructors worked overtime trying to get him up to speed, but finally gave in. He
was passed through so he could join the fighter training program, but it was noted
he lacked those personal skills needed for leadership. His academics were excellent
and the fact he was only here to qualify for Pilot fighter training were the only
reason the command staff passed him through.

So he left Quantico for a return to Mimas and Advanced flight training. It was here
that he met Rokis C'gar and they became friends. Excelled enough there to be sent
to Fleet's Advanced Tactical Space combat training. Officially a 2nd Lieutenant and
fighter pilot at last. Was selected for the SERE training course in new Zealand.
He was beginning to think there was no end to this when got orders to ship out after
the evasion course.

There was no end as it turned out his orders were to report to another training
squadron, but this one was an assignment he looked forward to. He was assigned to a
Mars training Squadron with the new Raptor fighters. It seemed he had been chosen
as one of the first Marines to be trained in this new Superiority fighter.

Upon graduation He was assigned as a test pilot for the new Raptor fighter. For the
next eight months He flew, tested and examined the Raptor. He was as happy as
anybody could be. He was not so much a thrill seeker as a pilot, so it didn't matter
where his base was. Being in a test program meant he got to fly regularly and often,
which was all he really wanted to do anyway.

Marine basic: 16 + 2 weeks added two weeks for the president's one-hundred
competition, won the badge, was fifth in the competition.

Artificer School with Sapper specialty training: 8 months

Completed Pathfinder school and Zero='G' training: Jungle training [Amazon river on
Earth], Forest and Urban training {Berengia VII], the Zero-'G' training was done
enroute from Earth to BerngiaVII total 7 months

Flight school at Mimas: 6 months, due excellent aptittude sent on to officer training.

OCS, Marine Platoon leader school: 4 months

Marine Advanced flight school, ground and ACM tactics; 3 months

Fleet Advanced Tactical space combat training: 3 months

SERE training New Zealand: 4 weeks.

Raptor Marine test program 8 months

Assigned USS London as a fighter pilot present