Crew Biography For McIntyre, John David

Full Name: John David McIntyre
Current Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position(s) held Chief Science officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Weight 190
Appearance John McIntyre is a native from Scotland. He has short brown hair, and his facial hair comes in red. John has light brown eyes and fairly pale skin.
Personality John is a jokester and a drinker. He can find the humor in just about anything, and does. He has a very weak internal monologue and has a reputation to speak his mind, which can get him into trouble. John's sarcasm tends to be so heavy when off duty that no one takes him seriously - and he's used to it.
Background John grew up in the Outskirts of Wick, in the Highland of Scotland. For years, his family were shepherds in the north of Scotland, before settling down in the 20th Century as employees of a distillery. As such, his family has a long history in Agriculture.

Not long before the third World War, the distillery went out of business, and the population sank in Wick. Many families left the town, but one to remain was the McIntyre. For years, they developed a local airport into a thriving crossroads between the Scandinavian penninsula and North America. The small aerodrome developed into a thriving population center not long after.

During the third World War, Wick was not spared in the destruction, and not until just after First Contact did the town rebuild. By 2135, Wick developed into a modest sized city based in trade and education. The McIntyre clan remained, and had rebuilt the spaceport. Many students from across Europe would attend classes in Wick for University experience. Throughout the 22nd Century, the city grew and prospered.

With the development of Starfleet and the Federation, Wick decreased in size as attention turned towards the West, and towards the sky. The universities in Wick closed their doors, and slowly the town reverted to it's roots with a new distillery. Some of the finest whiskeys and brews in Scotland were developed and bottled in Wick, and exports were king for the town.

Throughout the coming Century, the McIntyres returned to farming. Shetland sheep had made a comeback, and were being exported to the Clan for farming in the Highlands. As such, the McIntyres opened a mill on the river, and Wick began manufacturing again.

John's growth through early life involved shepherding and farming. Sheep farms were few in Scotland, and his role was to protect and feed his flock. Starting at the age of nine, he was responsible for a growing number of livestock. At the age of twelve, his father Richard McIntyre died in a transportation accident when his shuttle went down West of Norway due to equipment failure. His mother, Mary McIntyre died shortly thereafter. As an only child, John left his Clan at sixteen and joined university for Meteorology and Alien Atmospheric Science. While surprising to his family, John had a love for the weather as a result of his time in the fields, watching the storms break over the mountains to the west of Wick.

He graduated from the University of Glasgow with honors at the age of 21, and enrolled in Officer's Training at Starfleet Academy. The USS London is his first assignment. His specialties are in Alien Atmospheric Sciences and Physics.
Member Since 29 November 2011
Time merit- Awarded on Nov 23 2012 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award