Crew Biography For Walker, Daniel (Danny) Lee

Full Name: Daniel (Danny) Lee Walker
Current Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Position(s) held Alpha Platoon Commander
Species Human/Vulcan
Gender Male
Age 35
Height 6' 0"
Weight 200
Appearance well built, has a kind expression almost however the scars on his face general seem to hide it.
Personality Has a good sense of humor, takes some getting use to but is nice when you do get use to him.
Background Most of Danny's past has been loss by sheer accident as all that Danny could really remember is that he woke up aboard a medical freighter heading for Earth being attended for serve wounds and dehydration from the lack of water and food.

When he tried to find out what had happened, all the doctors could answer was that he was found in a debris field floating there. They brought him on board thinking he was dead until they found that he was still alive and went about getting him back to life. Now the ship was enroute to Earth to drop him off and pick up their next assignment.

Having quiet a journey ahead of him, Danny went about trying to remember where he had come from and what his previous life was like. However nothing seemed to come back until the day that he got to Earth, where he found himself standing in Starfleet HQ just standing there trying to figure out where to go.

When he was finally checked through, Danny found out some of his past however with no direct memory of it he was still left in the dark. The crew that they had claimed that he had worked with was either dead or on deep space assignments where he couldn't really contact them. So once again he found himself alone.

In the process of finding out who he was, Danny found his old job detailed being with the marines. Transferring to the base on Earth, he went about going through training once more as a suggestion by HQ there to try and help him recover some of his memory.

About 3 months after, he got another letter from HQ asking if he wanted to be transferred to a ship that had someone that knew him and could probably give a idea of who he was. Immediately Danny agreed wanting to remember who he was finding out the person that knew him was name Alana Dirays...his wife, in the process.
Member Since 20 March 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Mar 15 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award