Crew Biography For Dirays, Alana

Full Name: Alana Dirays
Current Rank Commander
Position(s) held Executive Officer
Species Bajoran
Gender Female
Age 37
Height 5'9
Weight 150lbs
Appearance Hair Color black
Eye Color turquoise
Physical Description
Typical Bajoran nose ridges on nose, and a long scar running down the length
of her right arm, which has since been partially removed by Dr. Barrington,
former USS Chin'toka Chief Medical Officer. Skin pigmentation severely light
due to forced treatment with Nausicann whitening agents. She has a intricate
tattoo that takes up her entire back of ancient Bajoran language characters.
Personality Family

Spouse Lieutenant Daniel Walker (Deceased)
Children Alana Kirulan (Adopted Daughter), Alana-Walker Tokar
Father Alana Tokar (Deceased)
Mother Alana Lynd (Deceased)
Brother(s) Alana Jokand (Deceased)
Sister(s) Captain Alexandra Cooper RET. (Adopted Elder Sister)

Other Family Vespa Solange (cousin), Galis Ilaria (cousin)
Background General Overview
Alana Dirays is a very tempermental and fiercely loyal woman. A trait common
to Bajorans and often misconstrued by others as easy to infuriate and quick
to judge

Strengths & Weaknesses
Dirays is extremely resourceful and very independent. While these traits
served her well in the Bajoran Resistance, it has had the adverse effect of
making it very hard for her to trust anyone. Dirays also has a difficult
time having any civilized discourse with any Cardassian.. a symptom common
to those who witnessed the horrors of the Occupation but even more drawn out
in Dirays due to witnessing the death of her entire family at the hands of a
Cardassian legate. Dirays has also been known to be a fatalist.. she feels
sometimes that if she can't do it.. it can't be done and no one will be
there to help her.

She strives to reclaim her life in Starfleet, and to regain custody of her

Hobbies & Interests
She works very hard not to allow any interests or hobbies become known to
anyone, but she has an interest in classical Bajoran dance and practices it
in the holodeck as often and as discreetly as possible

Ancient Bajoran, Federation Standard, Vulcan

Personal History
Dirays was born in the Dharkur Province on
Bajor, and grew up under the harsh conditions of the Cardassian Occupation.
She mostly spent her childhood trying to stay out of the way. Keeping to
herself most of the time, she never dreamt of joining the resistance
movement. One day, Dharkur's Cardassian ruler, Likor, chose Dirays to be
part of a group of Bajoran children raised to become military officers.
Dirays for some reason excelled, even though she never really attempted to
do so. She rose in the ranks and eventually at the age of fifteen, became
the highest ranking military officer in Likor's staff. One day she was
witness to a massacre at the Hohl Valley and was dismayed to find out that
the soldiers committing the atrocities were under her direct command.. and
that history would call her responsible. The real criminal, Likor, would
remain innocent. She confronted Likor, and in a fit of rage, the Cardassian
ordered her family's execution. Alana was stripped of all rank or privilege
and sentenced to execution herself, but she escaped. By the time she reached
her family's homestead.. the Cardassians had done their work.. Dirays held
her father's hand as he died, cursing Likor's name. Alana Tokar believed in
his daughter to the very end.. she could not be responsible. That view was
not shared by many.

Dirays moved on.. going from village to village, helping those in need, but
never revealing her true identity.. Her legend grew and a small resistance
cell formed with her as the leader.. she was only seventeen. The Dharkur
Resistance cell fought Likor's forces and brought hope to the small farming
province. All the time Dirays never took any credit.. nor shared her true
identity with the other members of the cell.. they only knew her by her
given name, Dirays.. not connecting her to the notorious, and murderous
Alana Dirays.

Then something miraculous happened that changed her life. The Cardassian
Occupation ended. Alana spent the next year trying to make a life for
herself in the Dharkur Province, but the pain of her family's slaughter and
the ghosts in her past were still fresh. Likor, who had never forgotten
Dirays, was now actively hunting her for his own twisted reasons. Dirays was
forced to leave Bajor.. and looked to Starfleet.

Dirays didn't have the education to be accepted normally. At the behest of a
Bajoran vedek, the Academy made an exception in order to bolster diplomatic
relations with Bajor and upon her promise to take remedial classes as well
as her normal course load. But the vedek, fearful for Alana's life, lied to
on the application to Starfleet Academy, omitting the record of a known war
criminal, to make her acceptable.

Alana worked hard and graduated from the academy, but she lived in fear that
she would be found by the Likor or found out by the academy.. While she was
by no means top in her class, she felt a genuine sense of accomplishment.

She was stationed aboard the USS Lexington for a period of three years as
Asst Chief Flight Control Officer.

Her one downfall in otherwise brilliant career was being reprimanded for
assaulting a superior officer. While she maintains that she takes full
responsibility for her actions, the captain of the Lexington dismissed the
charges as being unfounded due prejudice from the officer who made the

Dirays never forgot this charge and vowed never to let it happen to her
again. She also vowed never to give anyone a reason to doubt her again.

On her first mission on the Chin'toka.. she, along with her commanding
officer, Alexandra Cooper, was abducted by a group of Klingons. Dirays, no
stranger to interrogations.. knew that Cooper was in grave danger. While
Cooper was unconscious, Dirays switched out their rank pips and masqueraded
as Cooper. During the violent interrogation session that followed... Dirays
was discovered.. and the ruse came to a dramatic end.. Dirays never forgot
what happened to Cooper that day.. and never forgave herself for failing her
commanding officer. While she felt like a failure.. she had earned a respect
she had never known before.. the respect of one who was fully accepted into
a family.

Shortly thereafter, Dirays was abducted by agents of what appeared to be the
Obsidian Order but in fact were truly agents of the same Cardassian legate
that haunted her past, Likor. She was subjected to a cloning experiment that
created a set of two duplicates of herself. It is unclear why this
experiment took place. Starfleet Intelligence can only guess.

After the events that led to the court-martial of Alexandra Cooper, it
became clear to Starfleet Intelligence that the Alana Dirays found by the
Chin'toka crew after her abduction was not the original Dirays but a clone.
The clone of Dirays swore to find the original, but with no clue where to
look, the endeavor quickly died and the clone lived everyday of her life
never forgetting the great gift bestowed on her by her predecessor that
shared her name. A year later, during the wedding of Dirays' clone and
Lieutenant Daniel Walker, it was discovered that the real Dirays survived,
but the clone was killed by those that were hunting for the real Dirays.

During her captivity, the real Dirays was forced to marry her abductor to
avert the imminent death of all her friends both from Starfleet and the
Bajoran Resistance. She was reluctantly rescued by the Vulcan T'Plon and she
became the hunted once again. Dirays suffered from a latent poison that
affected her system shortly after her rescue. Her captor/husband was giving
her the antidote secretly everyday in her food. When she was rescued the
antidote was removed.. and the poison began to work.. A Bajoran doctor
administered a treatment which removed the poison.. but left her skin
virtually colorless and pallid.

Dirays was soon found by Likor again, but she was also reunited with Alex
Cooper.. She felt joy at the reunion, but for the first time felt abandoned
by those she had come to consider her family. Compounding this is the past
collaboration withthe Cardassians that continues to haunt her dreams and
keeps her exiled from her home planet, Bajor.

Shortly after leaving Bajor for the last time.. The Orion was ambushed by a
group of mercenary pirates.. The First officer was killed.. And Alana
stepped up to take his place.. Only to have Captain Cooper severly injured
in a explosion on the bridge.. She was in command and came face to face with
the decision that would destroy her soul.. She had to order someone to pilot
a fighter out and distract the pirates long enough for the Orion to escape..
Her husband.. Fighter Squadron commander Daniel Walker volunteered.. and she
gave her consent.. sending her husband to his death.

Having to come to terms with the loss of her husband, Alana took the most
difficult decision of her life.
She gave her son up for adoption so that he would have a good life on
Bajor.. Grow up like a normal kid. With no family ties Alana threw herself
on her career and vowed to become the best Starfleet officer in decades.

Professional History

:2372 - Starfleet Academy 1st year
:2373 - Starfleet Academy 2nd year
:2374 - Starfleet Academy 3rd year
:2375 - Starfleet Academy 4th year


:2376 - Asst Chief Flight Control; USS Lexington
:2377 - Asst Chief Flight Control; USS Lexington
:2379 - Asst Chief Flight Control; USS Lexington
:2379 - Asst Chief Flight Control; USS Lexington
:2379 - Chief Flight Control; USS Chintoka
:2384 - Executive Officer; USS Orion


:2384 - MedLOA for 2 years


:2386 - Assigned Chief Flight Control; USS Exeter
:2386 - Previous rank of Lieutenant Commander reinstated.
:2386 - Promoted and assigned Executive Officer; USS Exeter

Member Since 21 March 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Mar 16 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award