Crew Biography For Colan, Aeryn

Full Name: Aeryn Colan
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Chief Medical Officer
Species Betazoid/Human
Gender Female
Age 31
Height 1.70m
Weight 55kg
Appearance Of medium height and slender, Ayren has a wavy mass of long dark brown hair and black Betazoid eyes. She is beautiful and carries herself with a quiet confidence.
Personality Dr Gilmore: Counselor, Starfleet Academy:
Aeryn is warm and friendly with a great sense of humour, but does not easily allow people close to her. She shows great potential as a doctor or a counselor. Her name meaning "making peace" describes very much who she is.

She was trained on Vulcan regarding her telepathic ability. That in combination with the Betazoid methods, would place her in a possible advantageous position. However, I suggest further mentoring and careful monitoring.

Aeryn tends to allow herself to be underestimated, because of her feminine appearance. This is something unique which allows people to be comfortable around her. She can be tough as nails and as logical as a Vulcan. Where her work is concerned, she is composed, serious and competent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: She has a compassionate and non-judgemental attitude, always trying to see both sides of the story. She can also be very logical if needed and tries not to make emotional decisions.
Weaknesses: Get's too involved with those around her. She is soft natured and can be taken advantage of.
Background Children Marcus Colan - son
Father Edriar Colan
Mother Jessica Colan - deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family X'val, daughter of Karagh - niece

USS Xanadu, Ship's Counselor. Ensign, promoted to LJG
USS Hiei, Counselor Promoted to Lieutenant
USS Wolverine: Chief Counselor Lieutenant
USS Camelot - Medical Officer Lieutenant.
She spent her early years on earth until her mother, Jessica passed away when she was 9. Her mother was trade negotiations expert with Starfleet and exhibited some telepathic ability. Her father, Edriar Colan, was a Betazoid diplomat with Starfleet at the time. After Jessica's death he accepted a diplomatic appointment on Vulcan. Aeryn attended a Vulcan school and was trained in logic and to utilize her telepathic potential.

Her father travelled extensively and she followed him everywhere. They also lived on Qonos' for two years. She wanted to follow in his footsteps, but got interested in Psychology. She entered Starfleet Academy at the first opportunity, where she completed her training as a counselor. After graduation from the Academy, she continued post graduate studies on Betazed. She received her first assignment after completion of her studies two years later on the USS Xanadu, and remained there until she was transferred to the USS Hiei.

Here she met the love of her life on the USS Hiei, a young pilot, LT Marcus Drummond. They were engaged to be married when he died in a shuttle craft accident. She was pregnant at the time and now has a beautiful 5 year old son, Marcus. He is living with her father and his partner.

Aeryn left the Hiei and accepted a posting on the USS Wolverine, in a different fleet altogether.

While on the Wolverine on a mission gone wrong, a device had caused her to lose her psionic abilities. Apart from being devastated, it was very dangerous, threatening her life. With no other Betazoids on board, Aeryn asked the Vulcan science officer to help her stabilize her mind, until she could get help. It was a very trying time for her. After the completion of the mission, Aeryn went back to Betazed to recover with the help of experts. That also meant that she had to leave behind someone she had just started to fall in love with.

After spending three months on Betazed, she is finally healed enough to return to duty, but the experience disturbed Aeryn enough to decide to change careers. Not only would give her time to heal, but she had always been interested in medicine. She applied to the Starfleet Medical Academy and was accepted. Once she completed her studies, she was ready to return to duty and accepted her first posting as Medical Officer on the USS Camelot. When the ship was damaged beyond repair on a mission to Nebula, Aeryn took a chance and applied for a CMO position on the USS London.
Member Since 18 April 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Apr 13 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award