Crew Biography For Aubrey, Samuel

Full Name: Samuel Aubrey
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Chief Of Flight Control
Species human
Gender Male
Age 38
Height 1.85
Weight 85
Appearance Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Appearance Handsome. No noticeable markings, tattoos, piercings or birthmarks.
Personality Intense and very focused. Sam loves conflict, and sometimes goes out of his way to incite an argument or a fight. Very skilled at multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat, he has never been seriously injured in a bar fight, though he has sent more than his share of people to the infirmary. He has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. He loves the good life, loves to drink, and loves the company of women. Often betrayed while living on the colony of New Glasgow, he does not trust easily, and can betray someone he does not trust. Though once his trust and friendship has been earned, he will remain a loyal friend to the end.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Exceptional pilot. While fully rehabilitated after several years of questionable deeds, his integrity is usually impeccable. However, the seed for temptation remains.

Ambitions: Making amends to the people that he might have hurt in his previous life as a smuggler, and patching things up with his young daughter.

Background Sam Aubrey started his adult life on the fringe. A rebellious youth on the harsh colony world of New Glasgow, he was notorious for getting into fights and brawls with people of all ages and species. A pilot of exceptional skills, he soon found himself as part of the crew of the Rising Star, a freighter / smuggler operating out of the Rigellian system, serving as the ship's pilot. He was with the ship for over seven years, performing duties both legal and illicit. It was as a member of the crew that he met the woman who would become his daughter's mother, a fellow crew member aboard the Rising Star. The relationship was short-lived, and Sam has not seen his daughter in over five years.

After seven years with the crew of the Rising Star, Sam was arrested while carrying out one of the more dangerous missions, smuggling biomimetic gel to a group of mercenaries operating near the Romulan Neutral Zone. He was sent to the Federation Penal Colony on Titan, where he served a sentence of four years. Intensive counselling and strong role models at the penal colony helped him reform, and upon his release and pardon, he applied for Starfleet Academy, intent on making amends and putting his piloting skills to good use.
Member Since 31 August 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Aug 26 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award