Crew Biography For , Valora

Full Name: Valora
Current Rank
Position(s) held Civillian
Species El-Aurian
Gender Female
Age 402
Height 5'11"
Weight 150
Appearance While normally keeping her hair up, when down Valora’s black hair falls past her shoulders. While she is of average height; her body is muscled and toned. She works out daily. She has a European complexion.
Personality Valora is a snarky woman, doesn’t take crap from anyone. She speaks her mind and is loyal to the fault. She is trustworthy and would do anything to keep her crew safe. She also has a huge heart, and is very intuitive.
Background Born in. at the time, an uncharted sector of the Galaxy on the planet El-Auria; Valora arrived on Earth on 2178. In the beginning months after arriving Earth, Valora had began to study the human race, for her finale requirement for the House of El’s Extraterrestrial Study Program. Few months on Earth, and several trilliquads of data, she applied for citizenship of the United Federation of Planets. While filing for Citizenship, she didn’t hide who she was. With the exception of her educational pursuits, she disclosed fully her race and where her home world was located. Valora was one of the first El-Aurians Starfleet has documented.

Years later, at the age of 34, she enrolled into Starfleet and was assigned to USS Argonaut. She was on the vessel serving under the Communications officer for several years. On the Argonaut, she made her first true friend, Ensign Talek a Vulcan. He was the ship’s intelligence officer. Valora found the Vulcan interesting and the friendship blossomed. Her final mission with the Argonaut was when they made first contact with the Capellans.

Throughout her Starfleet career she served on multiple ships, and different positions, ranging from Engineer to Science, and then Tactical. USS Morgan, Delaware, and the Nova were the last assignments before requesting an Extended Leave of Absence.

During the ELOA, Valora returned home to El-Auria, submitting her final report to the House of Eliaron, and completing her necessary education. Also she wanted to visit Family, whom she was away from for over 30 years.

Once at home, Valora had to debate whether to remain home, or return to the Federation.

After a lengthy debate with her father, Deven, she chose that her duty to Starfleet and the oath she made with them means she has to return. Before she left, she told her family that Humans are progressing nicely, and perhaps in her parent’s life time, the Federation would explore as far as El-Auria and waits the day where she can be on the ship that makes first contact with her home.
On 2213, Valora returned to duty and was assigned to the Vostro. With a new sense of purpose and duty for her Starfleet companions she developed friendships more quickly than she did the previous years. She was again serving as a Science NCO, due to the need to see the advances Starfleet has made during her ELOA. She was astonished the updates. Before she served on Warp 6 only starships, now, the USS Vostro has the ability to go to warp 8.

She transferred to the USS Constantinople, who was commanded by her first friend, Talek. During her transfer they have met for dinner, in private, to get reacquainted, and it was then she realized how much she missed his company throughout the year. He mentioned to her the Intelligence NCO position that was available and offered it to her. She gladly accepted and served under Talek’s command until recently.

2248 was her last year on the Constantinople, she felt a change was needed. Her relationship with Talek went beyond friendship, beyond family. He was promoted to Admiral, and she went on to find new assignments and to continue her adventure.

With that, she became the Chief of the Boat of the USS Lexington, a new Constitution class vessel, in 2261. She served with honor and distinction. Valora was always there to give the Captain her shoulder to lean on when she needs it. She developed long lasting friendships with her peers, especially the Captain of the Lexington, Emiko Odell. In 2272 when word reached to Valora about her homeworld being destroyed by a powerful race, she went into a depression, and was considering ending her own life. It was the friendship and support of Emiko and others on the Lexington who helped Valora move forward after that traumatic event. As the year progressed so has her position. In 10 year, Valora had achieved the Executive Officer position of the Lexington and continued to serve with Captain Emiko until the ships decommission 2297.

In 2306 Valora remained on Earth and began teaching for Star Fleet Academy in various fields of study. It was as if every year she taught a new course. Valora had grown accustomed to the domestic, tranquil life she formed on earth and decided to settle down. She began a romantic relationship with one of her colleagues at the Academy, Professor Richard Wardlaw who taught advance combat training. Their relationship progressed into marriage in 2310, and lasted until Richard’s death in 2329. Unfortunately they had no children and Valora progressed through life without Richard. Valora didn’t fall into depression and moved on with her life, long accepting that because of her race’s lifespan she’ll outlive many of her friends and spouses.

In 2333 Valora decided that remaining on Earth and being domesticated wasn’t fulfilling enough. She returned to the academy, not as a Teacher, but as a student. While she was able to bypass typical standard courses and took more complex Engineering, Technological, Science and other courses that would reflect the new advancements Star Fleet and the Federation has developed since her time on the Lexington. It was here that she started a passionate relationship with an Andorian student, Thelek Uvar.

By the time she “graduated” Star Fleet offered her a command of her own. Valora declined reasoning that this was a new career with Starfleet and should start from the ground up. With that she was assigned to the Miranda class, USS Barbarossa, serving as the ships navigational officer. Her starting rank was Ensign and while she was over 160 years old, she felt like a teenager when she first engaged the ship’s engines to Warp 9.1. She served on the Barbarossa for a few years until the ship’s destruction in 2347 due to class 4 ion storm. While engaging an Orion Pirate Vessel near the badlands after taking a direct hit to the ship’s engines an Ion storm formed without warning and the ship and crew braced for the worst. Valora diverted all power to the ship’s structural integrity which made the difference between life and death for the crew. While the outer hull was completely obliterated, the inner hull held firm, and the crew survived the storm. Several shuttles and escape pods survived in operational condition and the crew abandoned ship.

Valora served on several ships and positions between the destruction of the Barbarossa in 2347 to when she returned to Starfleet Academy in 2366. She returned to the Academy as a refresher course. There were newer, more advanced, vessels in the fleet and Valora was getting tedious of serving on 23rd Century era starships. She updated her knowledge of weaponry, propulsion, and Medical/Scientific advancements. A particular field that intrigued Valora was Psychology. Many people have suggested for her to take a councilor position so she at least decided to humor them by taking the necessary courses and advance her skills.

She was assigned to the USS Melbourne as a Science officer when her worst nightmare came to Earth. The Borg was approaching Earth and the Melbourne with an armada of other vessels was on route to intercept. The vessel departed before Valora received her assignment so was stuck at Star Fleet HQ watching the reports coming from Wolf 359. Valora’s vessel was destroyed before she even stepped foot on it. The Enterprise-D eventually destroyed the Borg Cube, and life moved on for those at Starfleet, Valora now had a growing fear she’ll one day lose her new home to the very same aliens who took her old one away from her.

A year later, in 2366, Valora took the position of Chief Science Officer of Starbase 221. She spent the next four years overseeing the Starbase’s vast science programs and activities, performing a few of her own. However, after four years of the mundane Valora decided her next job be onboard a Starship.

In mid 2370, the USS Venture had a number of positions open up including the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer position. At that time, Valora looked into, and eventually obtained the position. While her first few months on the Venture she gained new skills from varies department, an example was when Valora reported to the Chief Intelligence Officer Lt. Madison and helped him write up reports and briefings and learned how interconnected everything appears to be with one another.
At the start of the Dominion War in 2374 the Venture had lead the way to several battles along the Cardassian boarder, most ended in defeats. One battle would remain fresh in her mind. The Battle of Sector 233-52, the system only contained one habitable planet, that was sparsely populated but it was strategically import to the war effort. The Venture's taskforce of 92 ships met a Dominion-Cardassian fleet of 76 ships. It was a few engagements where the Federation fleet outmanned the Dominion forces; however the gun power decided the fate. While the battle raged on for seven hours, the Venture, badly damaged, and four other damaged Starfleet vessels returned to Starbase 23 reporting that they lost the sector. Valora would experience more gruesome battles during the war, some harder to forget then others.

In early 2375, Valora transferred to the USS Michelangelo. The war was more in favor for the Federation and a new opportunity arrived for her. After several months aboard, Valora would be forced to take a new assignment. After forming a new alliance with the Breen the Dominion launched a counteroffensive to retake Chin'toka, the Kennedy was in that taskforce and was one of the first destroyed by the Breen’s energy dampening weapon.

After the destruction of the Michelangelo, Valora took the same position on the USS Washington. She performed her duty admirably and when her former Superior officer, Madison took Command, in 2376, Valora earned the Second Officer position. She continued to serve onboard the USS Washington for the next few decades. She saw many events on the Washington, the end of the Dominion War, a death of a green giant star, and a return of Starfleet’s mission of exploration. It wasn’t until after the war, that things began to change of Valora. Before she was mission driven focused, but as she began to open up, shed some of that Vulcan discipline she found herself feeling more intuitive with the world around her. She also began to listen more to her friends, and heard their problems and issues and offered them helpful advice. Valora realized that after the war, almost everyone had problems, issues, fears. Valora then decided to return to the Academy and perfect her Psychology training for more of a counseling format.

By 2377 Valora took the position of Counselor to one of the most overused ship during the war, the USS Kanji. Starfleet dubbed the ship, “Lone Survivor” for being a ship to survive after its fleets being decimated during Dominion War. In fact, the Kanji was part of four fleets, ranging from seventy to few hundred starships, which were obliterated by the Dominion. The Kanji suffered heavy and repeated losses during the Dominion War, the Executive Officer, Tara Hughes was killed in action, and so was their Chief Medical Officer, Keith Voyskunsky. Roughly a third of the Kanji’s original crew at the start of the War didn’t make it to the end. After the war, the Kanji became a secluded starship; Captain Jared Cade kept most of the crew he had during the war, very rarely allowed new officers to join. He only wanted experienced officers. When Valora joined the crew as a Counselor she saw how close the crew had became. Another thing she learned how unwilling to get help, with arguments of how “they aren’t crazy.” That stubbornness lead to the Chief Counselor to protest to Captain Cade; which only resulted to him, being transferred off the ship and Valora’s promotion. Valora decided to take a different approach, especially when it came time for the crew’s psychology profile update, she just listened. She didn’t ask the cliché questions “How you feel about that? What you feel now?” She just listened. And in turn the crew began opening up to her.

Eventually even the Captain was able to open up to her and in 2378 he promoted her to Chief Counselor, revealing how she was the only one who had gotten in touch with the crew. Valora admit, listening to the horror stories, the fear, and the anger was at times almost too much to bear, but the sense of feeling “right” had her remain until the ship’s decommission in 2383.
Valora was then assigned to the USS London, where she reconnected with Thelek and served as Chief Counselor. She departed after a year for unknown reasons.
Member Since 25 September 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Sep 20 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award