Crew Biography For Arrilius, Marius Judah

Full Name: Marius Judah Arrilius
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Chief Security / Tactical Officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5' 11"
Weight 175 lbs
Appearance Bleached white hair, pale skin, blue eyes, athletic build, average height
Personality Marius has an introverted, deadpan sense of humor. While being very serious about rules and regulations, he still has an idealism and innocence that tends to color his judgment. He hates talking about his past and is very future centric in his thinking. He loves crime stories and spends most of his leisure time on the Holodeck acting out turn of the 20th century crime and noir novels. Although he has a relative cold demeanor, his sense of honor, justice, and value of life also permeate his decisions. He is a collector of ancient ballistic weapons and admires the specificity of mechanical clocks. He carries an antique Rolex watch which is set to Earth Central Standard Time.
Background Family:
Josiah Arrilius FATHER- (Deceased)
Deborah Arrilius MOTHER (Deceased)
Nero Arriluis BROTHER (Deceased)
Llisa Arrilius SISTER (Deceased)
Marius was born in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. The son of a long line of Quakers, he was raised to embrace pacifism and love for all things. The youngest of three, his parents, Josiah and Deborah, were researchers in the field of Semiotics at the Ohio State University. They raised all of their children to be intellectuals in practices and Quakers in matters of morality. Nero and Lisa joined their parents in their field of study, and Marcus was on his way to join his family in research. The Arrilius’ were contracted by Starfleet to study symbols on uninhabited worlds to deduce their origin. Their research made them known throughout the Federation with Josiah and Deborah guest lecturing at Starfleet Academy, testifying before the Federation Council, and serving as members of the board on Memory Alpha. While many of their discoveries are common knowledge, much of what they found is classified.
Because of his parents work, Marius was used to traveling and spending long periods of time on starships and research stations. Even though he was born in Ohio, he seldom calls any one place his home. With that being said, he was always left with a family member back on Earth if his parents were conducting a particularly secretive assignment. His siblings, however, were allowed to accompany them once they became of age. On one such mission, the entire family perished when their ship was attacked by a rogue Cardassian Keldon-class warship. Marius was twelve years old. The exact nature of their expedition is unknown, a fact that haunts Marius to this very day.
For the remainder of his childhood, Marius was a distant child who made very few friends. He started to study military doctrine along with his regular studies. His teachers noticed a definite shift in his demeanor where the relatively loving and pacifist Marius started to become more cold and vengeful. When they were selling the family home in Mt. Pleasant, he found an antique FN Barracuda revolver that belonged to his great-great grandfather when he was a detective in Pittsburg. The revolver is one of the few possessions he has kept throughout his life along with an antique Rolex watch that he would constantly assemble and disassemble admiring the engineering.
Once he became of age, Marius joined Starfleet where he decided to pursue a career as a tactical officer. He became lauded for his systematic approach to tactical situations. While he approached every simulation with a cold efficiency, his Vulcan professors commented that this was born out of emotion rather than simple logic. Despite his achievements, his introverted personality alienated him from the rest of his class. He often tended to spend time on the firing range by himself whenever he was stressed. While focusing his studies on the doctrine of warfare and security procedures, he also excelled in the study of semiotics and iconography. He graduated at the top of his class at the age of 22. His only real friend at the Academy was a Trill female named Marissa Quin.
On his first assignment, he volunteered for the Defiant Class USS Schwarzkopf which was tasked with protecting shipping lanes near the former DMZ. Quin accompanied him as she felt she was the only friend he had and did not want to leave him lonely. The first six months aboard were relatively peaceful with Quin operating the Weapons console on the Bridge while Marius was on a Security detail. Soon after, however, the ship was ambushed by an Advanced Keldon class warship, the Diona, near Umoth VIII. During the initial attack, the bridge was hit killing Captain Tyrus, Chief of Security Benjamin Tell, Quin, and several other key members of the crew.
Marius was making his rounds close to the bridge when the attack began, and thus he was the first Tactical Officer to assess the damage. The only officers still in fighting condition were XO Sebastian Thor, and Helmsman Luthor Franz. Thor field-promoted Marius to Lieutenant and tasked him with organizing the defense against the Cardassian Pirates that were now boarding the ship. Marius was able to contain the pirates to Deck 2 where the crew was able to suppress and repel the attackers. Knowing that the Schwarzkopf would not be able to engage the enemy ship with a crippled bridge, he prepared a boarding party that teleported directly onto the Diona’s Bridge. Leading the attack himself, they successfully subdued the bridge officers which resulted in the surrender of the Diona. While newly promoted Captain Thor offered him the position of Chief of Security on the Schwarzkopf, Marius did not want to serve on the same ship where his one true friend Quin had died. Since Thor had recently heard that the USS London was looking for a new Chief of Security, he put in a request for newly promoted Lieutenant Marius Arrilius to be given that position.
Member Since 18 November 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Nov 13 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award