Crew Biography For Spart /Tock, Teenah

Full Name: Teenah Spart /Tock
Current Rank Lieutenant
Position(s) held Chief Counselor
Species Orion/ Betazoid
Gender Female
Age 27
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 127 LBS.
Appearance Teenah is an attractive light green skinned female due to her Orion heritage; she is slim and the athletic stature of a swimmer/ triathlete. She carries herself well and is constantly smiling unless things are going badly. Her long mahogany hair has a hint of red within it. Her deep sparkling eyes seem to always catch the light just right in spite of her having no 'whites' to her eyes due to her Betazoid side.
Personality Tennah is friendly once she is comfortable; she was raised to be a hostess. She will look to the comfort of others first then herself. She almost seems 'fake' to the casual observer yet she will respect other to the point of personal insult to her. She can seem stand-Offish as she has had her worst fear come true and fears it will happen again so she is reserved until comfortable. Once befriended by Teenah she prefers to be called Teeta. During her training on Earth people tended to call her 'Sparta' and not her more proper name.

Her training for her empathy was NOT by a betazoid or Vulcan, but a Romulan; who taught her to read people in their emotional 'aura' and relay the impressions as a 'rainbow that surrounds.' Each color has meaning and this is how she deals with her lack of training by her Heritage, she will judge not upon appearances but the Aura she reads off a person.

She will seem shallow at first and is obsessed with being covered; 'clothes make the person' is her motto and she will never wear things until they are altered or replicated to very exact measurements. She tends to be overly-feminine due to her harsh treatment with the Ferengi.

She tends to deal with things like a Ferengi and uses her own personal rules above those of the Ferengi ROA.
Background Level 4 clearances required. Command Officer level only.

Tennah's mother returned to Orion Homeworld after her lover a Full Betaziod was killed while on a diplomatic mission to a civil war and Teena was raised as an Orion female until she reached the age of 11 where she was sold to a Ferengi Damon. She was meant to serve as a distraction to the other males the Damon did business with and use her Empathy to the Damon's advantage to the point of wearing uncomfortable contacts to hide her Betaziod heritage. She was a very learned pupil and observed how Ferengi do business and the 'Rules'. She was also trusted to 'keep an eye’ on the Book Keeper and learned how to do two sets of books.

She also kept track and has some extensive contacts in the Black Market and Ferengi Circles after acting like an Assistant for the Damon.

Three years she was on that ship and when the Federation Merchants came to do business she noticed that the 'Honest' ones tended to all but ignore Teena and also asked she be 'clothed' during transactions. This sparked a respect for the Federation in her eyes.

Teena also learned to use 'ANYTHING' as a weapon, hand and many type of thrown or improvised weapons to protect herself. Studied Crane style Martial Arts of Kung Fu and Shaolin techniques. Considered a lethal weapon.

(Official Records)

Tenna was eventually 'bought' by a kind Merchant from the Ferengi. Once in Federation space she was no longer a slave; the Merchant took Teena to his home on Earth with his Family. She did not know how to relate to kindness and her ‘Freedom’ caused her to be a problem and a bit wild and her apt ability to use anything as a weapon that she got her hands upon caused some discord. She used her ‘natural appeal’ upon occasion in public and was very wild without really understanding her sudden freedom. It was like having an unruly rebellious teen with the art to get what she wanted through charm.

Then while a trip to China Town a Monk, Master Ling noted Teena’s nature and approached her. Master Ling gave Teena an order to cease her trifle use of her art flirting with such a presence Teena listened. Teena seemed to know the ‘Master’ concept and resorted to what she knew; Master Ling was kind and sought to help bring Teena more under control. He was to be in a temple off world for three years to teach a style of Kung Fu and different types meditation at a temple near the Bad Lands. He offered to take Teena with him to learn.

The Merchant was happy to have Teena make progress and with a few genuine tears from he and his wife it was decided to send Teena to the Temple to learn Discipline. . The Master took her to his temple where she spent Three years learning to be a lady and meditations to help her cope with her new life as a Federation Citizen as her application was approved.

For three long years Teena studied all that Master Ling would teach her, meditation techniques as well as some training by female Priestesses on the art of being a lady in traditional form. She also became enamored with the different fashions of silk clothing and how garments could express one’s status. She was an avid student willing to endure hardship to achieve; she had endured cruelty for nothing and once she found that a little physical discipline gained her knowledge she could not be stopped. A punishment to Teena meant she had not learned the lesson and she sought to find the meaning of her mistakes. Quickly she excelled as she sought to learn the lessons and techniques as taught rather than the more stubborn methods of some students. Never did she complain about a discipline; she did what was asked and worked hard. She was given the name Spartacus as she reminded her Master of a slave gladiator of famous note in history. Like the name it was Teena that defied things and never gave in; and not being human Master Lee gave her the name of a chinese mythos.

Her 'Master' arranged a scholarship for Teena at the Academy which she took out of respect for the man who respected and mentored her coupled with a desire to serve the 'People' that brought her out of Slavery. She was nearly 20 going into the Academy.

She studied to Psychology and a found a love of Chess. She also found she had learned Tactics and her background with Business helped her in her studies in dealing with people. She was in training to be a Moral Officer from her ‘servant’ nature excelled in her duties. While attending classes and her training it was noted that her nature was slightly passive agressive when men tried to hit on her with unwanted advances; they figured every Orion was willing, and her ability to ward off advances earned her the name 'Sparta' as she was a spunky little thing and a play on her name.

While at Star Fleet she found the fashions of other cultures and the materials so fascinating; having been a slave and naked for years she sought to find the most comfortable yet visually appealing ways to cover herself. She read the regulations and used the most elegant base materials that regs allowed. She always operated by the book but at the far end of the rules. She learned to have her uniforms tailored as she also had a few ‘investments’ she managed from the money her ‘Parents gave her and her pay checks she had been a Frengi long enough to allow the most ‘economical use’ of her resources.

After graduated she began her career and with dedication and determination she became a fine young Crewman on the Prometheus and worked her way up the ranks.

She was given the Billet of a Counseling Officer on the USS Triton; it was noted that her genuine caring for people and training as a servant type went well with that assignment. She was personable and with her practice of Disciplines Techniques kept her natural bio-chemistry under strict control; rarely did she need to have the medical hypo sprays to equal her natural allure to normal levels.

While in the Diplomatic Corps she was mainly used for her Betazoid impressions and as ‘arm candy’ to a fault. Her old Master wanted to go on a ‘Good Will Tour to show both Crane Style and Shaolin Meditation Techniques. Teenah was given as Federation representative. Her master was killed in a challenge while on Klingon Home World and she was taken back in to slavery. She ended up on the Stormbringer. Having hidden in the Jeffery Tubes for weeks waiting a chance to escape from what she thought to be Mercenaries turned out to be a Star Fleet Covert Team that took over the ship.

She was captured and nearly got herself killed on several missions as she refused to back down. She chased a rogue Agent through his own Transporter to a shuttle Bay and placed clamps to hold the shuttle. Using knives she apprehended the Rogue and used the Shuttle to escape. She had not been used to team operations and was scolded for not taking her team with her.

Not long after that mission while inserted in the badlands she fell prey to Cardassians who had blown her mission to gather information about a slaver's ring that was preying on ships along all boarders; she tried to get away but was caught. She kept her cover as a Sensually 'Companion' and not be killed as a spy. She was sold off and given as a 'bed warmer to a Gul.

Two years she was under that Gul; seemingly literally, and when assigned to a small station she was kept as all but exclusive to the Gul.

Another Cardassian decided to 'have his time' with her and find out if the Legend of Orion Women is true? After a brief struggle Spart'Tock managed to get the weapon and while trying to just incapacitate him killed the Cardassian. With no hostage she fled to the ventilation system, opening a door to the outside as though she had tried to escape the Cardassians laughed at her stupidity.

It was a chance that her old acquaintance Master Thel had been a prisoner on the same station and Spart'Tock escaped with him.

She spent the better part of three days on the holodeck in 'Orion ritual bathing' and came out feeling better about herself.

Having the dread of returning to the Diplomatic Corps she resigned her fate to that unitl Thel offered her chief Counselor upon the London.

She sought to bring honor to her old Master Thel and to the ship he commanded. Being half Betazoid she watches everyone's auras and tried to help.

She was given the chance to be a Counselor on the USS London. After her encounters a very large ship was a safer haven for her.

Member Since 24 November 2012
Time merit- Awarded on Nov 19 2013 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award