Crew Biography For Houck, Jaylas Kalel

Full Name: Jaylas Kalel Houck
Current Rank Ensign
Position(s) held Security officer
Species Andorian/Human
Gender Female
Age 35
Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Appearance Jaylas is tall and slender, as most Andorians are. She has light blue skin, deep blue eyes, and her hair is silver with very light blonde highlights. Her antennae are a bit darker than her skin and come from the rear parietal lobes. Features that she hides with her hair are very small and sensitive human-like ears.
Personality Jaylas can seem a bit standoffish to most people, more so to people who don’t understand her mother’s Andorian background. She had a deep sense of honor and is very family oriented. She tends to be very protective of her friends and considers them an extension of her family. However, anyone who says anything degrading about her family, including her twin brother, will be a witness to just how passionately she defends her family. She’s learned that no one really understands her sense of humor, so she no longer tries to joke around.
Background : Her family background is complicated and long. Short story is that her mother ran away with her father despite the fact she was pledged to another Andorian. After her parents married on Earth, they tried desperately to have children. After many tries, and a lot of doctors later, her mother became pregnant with Jaylas and her twin, Akeen. The pregnancy was hard on her mother, but months later, the twins were born. The first few years of their lives were hard on them as their bodies grew. Jaylas was more Andorian than human, while Akeen was more human-like. They share a bond only other twins would understand.

After they turned six, they visited their grandparents on Andoria. Although they were very angry at their daughter for running away, they adored the newest member of their clan, favoring Jaylas more because of her almost pure Andorian looks. Even though her brother had blue skin, his antennae were so small that they were hidden in his hair and his human ears showed very nicely. His hair was more blonde than hers.

As the years went by back on Earth, they each differed as far as interests went. Jaylas is more into martial arts and sword play while Akeen is a great artist and composer. Each show passion for their interests and each can understand the passion of their twin. Jaylas was also trained by her Uncle Akeen in the way of kharakom, a rather devastating kick boxing the Andorians know.

After high school, Jaylas entered Starfleet Academy in the field of security. Her teachers loved her sense of pride her in her but she often got into trouble with some of the other students. After four years of schooling, she was very eager to get started on her career. After a brief visit with her family, she landed on the USS East as a Security officer. She earned the respect of her peers as the years went by.

However, things soon changed after her twin was hurt. She hurried home to help him heal, but she knew something had changed inside of him. It was soon after that she found him with another male. At first, she didn’t understand and she yelled at him about it. It took some time, but they soon repaired their bond and Jaylas left the pair behind to go back to the East. Back home, it seemed the rumor mill had started up and some rather rude humans began to make fun of her brother. She could only take it for so long until she broke. Three men ended up in medical and she was demoted back to Ensign.

Thinking that Jaylas was now going to be trouble, her CO asked for a transfer to another ship. She was pissed but it was soon gone when she heard she was going to the London for a fresh start. She knew that the London’s captain was Andorian so maybe, just maybe, she would be welcomed into the clan…err…ship.
Member Since 22 March 2013
Time merit- Awarded on Mar 17 2014 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award