Crew Biography For Frayor (RNPC), Asharan

Full Name: Asharan Frayor (RNPC)
Current Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position(s) held Asst. Chief Medical Officer
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
Age 38
Height 1.82mtr
Weight 79
Appearance Tall. Sandy blond hair, steel grey eyes. Wears the traditional Bajoran earring,
despite receiving several notifications to conform to the Starfleet uniform code.
Solid build, but not overly muscular. Face, arms and torso lightly scarred from
several injuries while in the Resistance.
Personality Deep believer in the Prophets, but does not allow his religious beliefs to interfere
with his duties as a physician. During his childhood in the refugee camps, often
beaten and brutalized by the Cardassians. Like most Bajorans, harbors a deep hatred
of Cardassians. Imaginative, often comes up with unusual and unorthodox treatment
options. Has little patience with Starfleet bureaucracy and protocol
Background Born in a refugee camp on a Bajoran moon.
Became a field medic for the Resistance.
Participated in several important operations for the Resistance, including the
attack on the forced labor camp of Gallitep.
Attended medical school after the Occupation ended, and enlisted as a doctor in the
Militia. Became a Starfleet officer when the Militia was integrated into Starfleet
after Bajor joined the Federation, in the aftermath of the Dominion War.

Mother died of malnutrition in the refugee camps.
Father killed in the ore processing centers on Terok Nor.
Elder Sister taken by the Cardassians to become a comfort woman. Missing, presumed
Single, no offspring.
Service record
2387 - pres. Medical Officer, USS London
2383 - 2387 Medical Officer, Deep Space Nine
2381 - 2383 Medical officer, USS Farragut
2380 - 2381 Bajoran Militia Integration Training, Starfleet Academy
2376 - 2380 Medical officer, Bajoran Militia, Shandor Province
2370 - 2376 Medical school, Bajoran Capital
2369 - Cardassian withdrawal
2366 - 2369 Field medic, Bajoran resistance movement
Member Since 29 March 2013
Time merit- Awarded on Mar 24 2014 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award