Crew Biography For Vega, Adrian

Full Name: Adrian Vega
Current Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position(s) held Chief Medical Officer
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 6'3
Weight 201 lbs
Appearance Adrian is a big bear of a man, muscular and tanned. He has long, dextrous hands. He has jet black hair, typically kept short, and is always clean shaven.
Personality Despite what could be an intimdating appearance, Adrian is very gentle and quiet, quick with a smile and words of encouragement, and has a deep, bassy voice that sets people at ease right away.

Background Adrian grew up under difficult circumstances. He lived on a planet right on the border of Federation space, and ended up evacuating during the Dominion Wars. His family moved around during his childhood, and it was only in his late teenage years that they finally settled on Cestus III, well inside Federation space. The conflict and moving fractured his family, with his younger brother leaving home, and his mother developing a rare immune disorder that keeps her from earning a living.

Because of the constant moving, family discord, and uncertain living conditions, Adrian grew up a quiet, reserved sort, but one determined to make a living helping people. He was a late applicant to Starfleet Academy, with a sponsor who was working for the local government on Cestus, and saw the young man's quiet dedication.

Through hard work and determination, Adrian became a competent doctor. Though not among the highest scoring cadets upon his graduation, Adrian was well rated for being personable and friendly.

Adrian would not describe himself as a conversationalist, but is easily social and welcomes the opportunity to meet new people.
Member Since 29 May 2015
Time merit- Awarded on May 23 2016 
 Reason: Automatic Time Served Award